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  • Plugin Contributor Samuel Wood (Otto)

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    The window that opens is basically giving you a link to here:

    You’ll need to follow those instructions for the social publisher to work.

    I don’t know why your browser is closing the popup window, but all that’s in the window is those instructions, basically.

    I followed all the instructions, the authentication window flashes quickly but the two accounts keep disconnected !!!



    The authentication windows will close if you’ve already authenticate the app. If you refresh the page your own, do you still see a notification at the top that you need to authenticate with Facebook?

    yes I still see it after authenticating the app !

    i am facing an authentication problem too. I followed instructions to allow posting from wordpress to author timeline on facebook. I created the open graph action, then created a post on wordpress and went back to click submit on open graph action. I could not do it because I am not authenticated and therefore facebook is not recognizing the post as coming from me. so how do i authenticate myself

    how to Authenticate with Facebook in the WordPress control pane to publish action ?

    Also I couldn’t submit the action “publish”

    Praktech: this is exactly my question

    I don’t see the auth message until I log in as a non-admin user. I can authenticate at that point but none of my test posts appear either on my timeline or that of my site’s FB page. The submission process reports that no posts have been published to that action type.

    I am the admin of my site and I usually post as such. Is this going to be a limitation, as I too, don’t see the authenticate action for the app just created, and so I cannot post to Timeline.

    Do you think I have to create another non-admin user to do all my postings to WP?

    It took me a few hours today to figure out what I needed to do to get this awesome feature working on my installation. I kept following the directions to the T, and nothing. Then, I decided to deactive Otto’s awesome and way-ahead-of-its-time Simple Facebook Connect plugin that I used to allow visitors to sign into Facebook to leave a comment on my site; and then, the following steps made it all work:

    + Go to Facebook plugin settings page, select box for Social Publisher
    + Go to Create New Post – type in a status update message in the box at the bottom. Publish the post.
    + It should appear on your timeline. Once it does, then you’ll find that “submitting” the “action” in the social graph dashboard actually works. An hour or two later, I received an email and notification from Facebook stating that my action was working.

    See it integrated on my website and read about it here.

    My plugin wasn’t posing the message on my timeline either. After I de-activated the placement of Open Graph tags by the Yoast SEO plugin, it worked for me.

    Plugin Contributor Samuel Wood (Otto)

    (@otto42) Admin

    Then, I decided to deactive Otto’s awesome and way-ahead-of-its-time Simple Facebook Connect plugin

    Please, deactivate ALL other Facebook plugins before attempting to use the official Facebook plugin.

    All Facebook plugins are, basically, mutually incompatible. They’re trying to do the same thing as each other, and overriding one another in the attempt.

    Use *ONE* Facebook plugin only. Not two.

    hello to all,

    I have the same problem,
    1.i go to social publisher
    2.i click the publish to author’s timeline
    3.i get the popup window with the instructions
    4.i go to open graph i select the publish action
    5.i create a new post and i cannot see it in my timeline.

    the first i did it asked me to associate my facebook id with wordpress i did that and i can publish my posts to my facebook pages.This works but i disabled the fan pages now and i cannot get see my post in my timeline.

    any ideas?


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