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  • Hi all,

    When publishing a new blog post the facebook plugin will post to my timeline as expected, BUT it pulls some image from the bottom of my footer to represent the post in the timeline.

    While I presume that setting the og:image property should be the right way to fix this behaviour I’m somewhat lost finding the easiest/correct/most elegant solution for this task.

    The Object Debugger on the Facebook Developer page – as expected – issues an Open Graph warning for my app-id, saying that the og:image property should be explicitly set.

    Interestingly, the rest of the open graph tags such as app-id etc. do appear in my header, being automatically generated, so I am wondering why it is not possible to upload an image to the settings page, that is to be used for og:image [#FeatureRequest :-)]

    I’m somewhat hesitant to hard-code the tag to my header, because it feels kinda ugly – but I guess if all else fails I’ll have to give that a try. Of course, I could be missing the obvious easy solution, so I’d be thankful for advice if that should be the case.

    Thanks in advance for any thoughts


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