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    Hi folks,
    There have been a number of requests for more comments features.

    So far, I’ve heard these:
    1) Save comments to the WordPress comments system.
    2) Retroactively use the default WP comments system on old blog posts (new ones would use the Facebook plugin, if enabled).

    Please leave a comment with any other suggestions.


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  • Facebook comments overrides the WP COMMENTs fields. It is simply annoying not at least to have an option for it. And, besides that, as page administrator, I expected to continue receiveing notifications for new comments. Which simply didn’t happened. So, now I have tons of new facebook comments that I have to go looking over thousands of pages to check what’s up.

    I’m not sure why it’s not expressly pointed out somewhere in the plug-in, but you can see the Facebook comments for your apps at this address:

    after installing Facebook pluing my previous WP comments history is not showing anymore.
    i’d like to know how to restore them and if possible to keep both facebook and WP comments together under the article

    I want Facebook functionality, but I do not want to swap WordPress Comment System for Facebook Comments.

    If some sort of Facebook Comment System is integrated with wordpress I want all comments to also be saved on my WordPress install and not only on Facebook.

    This is for the simple reason that I want to be able to stop using The Facebook and still have all the comments made still on my site.

    So if the two systems could merge in such a manor, that would be great.
    I will hold of using some sort of Facebook Comment integration until this is so…

    If I leave a comment as a Facebook Page, it doesn’t show publicly, anyone know why?

    If I post a comment from the same account but not as a page, it does show publicly.

    So does FB for WP not support comments from Facebook Pages?

    I haven’t had the chance to try this plugin yet. Not sure that I will either given the number of bug posts in these threads. I’ve been using two plugins by Fat Panda which you may want to look at – one is specifically for comments, and works well with storing them in the WP database, triggering email notifications and the rest. The other is a sharing plugin, designed to share WP posts to walls and/pages on Facebook. While I’m not affiliated with the company that makes these plugins, I have had input into the features. I’ve been using both since the beginning without fail. Better yet, they’ve made our Facebook presence a lot stronger – and with it, steady traffic growth (now around 200,000 visits a month/100,000 uniques). Here’s the comments plugin:, and the sharing plugin (SharePress): – can’t recommend them enough.

    Like Coreyweb I like Fat Panda too and was using it before trying the FB plugin but if and when Facebook does make a change, I’d prefer that they elevate what Fat Panda does and take it to the next level. What I love about Fat Panda’s facebook comments plugin is that you can track the comments within wordpress and the comment count shows up on the blog post. What I think would be better when facebook corrects these bugs is if we can still see the comments in wordpress BUT comment threads should be sent via facebook not wordpress to people’s emails. Currently with fat panda comment updates are sent using your own server. For most people including myself that doesn’t work because most of the time it will get marked as spam in people’s inbox.

    One other point about FB’s plugin — why in the world does the recommend bar pick up posts that have been deleted already??? They keep showing up as posts “You Might Also Like.” But these posts don’t exist. They’ve been deleted.

    I also feel the plugin turns my site a lot slower. Apparently because it sends lots of request to before loading, and it really freezes the site for at least up to 15secs. Whenever I get to a site that takes this time to load, I leave it right away to something else, unless it interests me enough to keep waiting. Anyone else feeling the same?

    Also looking forward to these fixes, otherwise for the meantime I will only use the auto-publish to timeline feature:

    1) Save comments to the WordPress comments system.
    2) Retroactively use the default WP comments system on old blog posts (new ones would use the Facebook plugin, if enabled).

    And please add the ability to turn off in pages and archives.

    I like intensedebate because it integrates all comment into my database.

    My readers gives their comment to me. It means their comments are mine, and the comments must be in my database.

    I do support ideas:
    1. synchronize wp-fb comment system, so that I can reply any blog comments from facebook, vice versa.
    2. save comments to wordpress comment system
    3. have ability to display old comment in wp comment system inside fb comment box

    keeps telling me that a:

    Fatal error: Wrong parameters for Exception([string $exception [, long $code [, Exception $previous = NULL]]]) in /home/jardi398/public_html/wp-content/plugins/facebook/includes/facebook-php-sdk/base_facebook.php on line 54
    is the most genious feature in the world. Tells you someone commented some post you wrote somewhere… No, I mean… still wonder why the owner of engaged on a plugin that keeps the site slower, isn’t user friendly, and gives data to facebook, but none to the siteowner…

    I think a text excerpt along with the link on automatic posting to pages or author’s timeline would be nice. People don’t wanna click on something they don’t have the slightest idea of what it is. specially a link

    It would be nice to have a simple short code allowing users to adjust the placement of the actual comments. I would like to have them at the bottom of the page as oppose to immediately after the content.

    1.0.2 is out. NONE of the suggestion were taken…

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