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    Hi folks,
    There have been a number of requests for more comments features.

    So far, I’ve heard these:
    1) Save comments to the WordPress comments system.
    2) Retroactively use the default WP comments system on old blog posts (new ones would use the Facebook plugin, if enabled).

    Please leave a comment with any other suggestions.


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  • Comments really needs to be saved into the database, like the “add link to facebook” plugin does.

    And as other mentioned have both wp comments and fb comments active simultaneously.

    I ditto the requests to:

    A) Only apply the FB comment plugin to NEW posts or Pages (but, be able to selectively add to any, for example, popular posts.

    B) If FB comments are added to an existing post, the existing WP comments should also be shown (or at least linked to).

    C) The added links also should use the CSS (font type, size, color, most importantly – if we can select a font, an option should be ‘your font’)

    D) The comment ‘bubble’ is replaced with a tiny (unreadable) icon that does not link to the /#comments.

    E) And, a note on what happens with likes and recommendations and ‘recent activity’ when we have both HTTP and HTTPS running. I added HTTPS yesterday and now I have two sets of ‘likes’, etc… I did so as the Facebook dev page said I needed to have an HTTPS setup to embed my site on Facebook for any users who use HTTPS on Facebook (HTTP is redirected to HTTPS now (IF Facebook user is logged in with HTTPS)

    ) – which works well, ty…but, the ‘likes’ or ‘recommendations’, etc., for the same site accessed thru HTTP or HTTPS need to be combined. Also, in the recommendations bar (lower right), I see a mix of these links also, some are HTTP, some are HTTPS, and most notably sometimes I see the HTTPS link AND the HTTP link shown together in this box for the base url (home page)…


    Enable this plugin’s FB comments and still have the existing non FB comments (wordpress) to appear.

    Some of the existing comments (that disappeared) were from disqus/intensedebate/wordpress and some were made weeks/months/years ago by folks with existing Facebook accounts.

    @creativemarblesconsultancy – re the code to add FB comments independent of the new plugin. Depending on your comfort level playing with theme files, it’s not overly complex.

    Facebook even provides a tool to build the the basic code here:

    Now it would be tedious to use that code generator for every page/post and insert it individually -a nightmare in fact if you ever wanted to change course and had inserted it a lot of places. I’ve inserted the code into my theme files where I want it to appear with one change, I took the hard-coded URL from Facebook’s code sample and replaced it with:

    <?php the_permalink(); ?>

    That way Facebook is passed the URL for the page/post in question without you having to hard-code it. That’s my approach anyway and it appears to work but I welcome anyone finding fault with it and offering better code. I don’t claim to be a WordPress guru.

    +1 for FB – WP comment integration!
    The “social” plugin by mailchimp does it great – either tabs for the different commenting options or just all posts getting integrated together.

    Another issue I’m facing is the lack of the “share” button by my post in FB. I’d love if that can be corrected too (The “add a link” plugin has that option – it has some quirks – but at least it’s there – better than nothing!)

    I would recommend building this into a future update: Retroactively use the default WP comments system on old blog posts (new ones would use the Facebook plugin, if enabled).



    I think montygothic’s needs would be covered simply by previous suggestion of combining the WP and FB comments systems

    Is there possible to create shortcode for all thing that available in this plugin? I want to put the comment box, like button in my blog on my own.

    And how to enable both of FB comment and WordPress comment?

    Hi all!

    First of all, nice plugin!

    I suggest to change the system of linking the post thumbnail in the og:image meta-tag. You can add a condition that if there is no post-thumbnail grab the first image of the post. Like:

    $first_img = '';
    		$output = preg_match_all('/<img.+src=[\'"]([^\'"]+)[\'"].*>/i', $post->post_content, $matches);
    		$first_img = $matches[1][0];
    		if(trim($first_img)) {
    			echo '<meta property="og:image" content="'.trim($first_img).'">';

    Need to have ability to turn off FB comments on pages vs. posts.

    Anybody knows how to get this done in case FB doesnt add this ability to their plugin?

    I’d like to see them integration with wordpress comments as well like Fat panda plugin. I would also like an easier way to follow threads….I don’t see how that is done now. Can anyone advise?

    I’d also like to be able to add a title above the comment box.

    One other issue if this could be addressed please…..the comments act up sometimes not showing comments and reversing the order of comments….be stabilized I’m simply testing and already having many issues wouldn’t want to take it live like this but it has great potential and I like many of the integrated features. Thanks.

    Also comment count next to the comment bubble would be nice. Instead of just “view comments” it would say “500 Comments”

    I am wondering why with this plugin, and all the other 3rd party apps that update the timelines with articles, the share button always forces the browser to close after using it.

    It is a horrible user experience.

    Why can the updates not have the like comment share in the same line like they do when they are updated manually.

    I have a hard time wanting to install this plugin to auto update posts to my wall that would then give them a bad user experience of having their browser closed when anyone tries to use the share feature on the update.

    Hello, I’ll once again throw in my support for this FB plugin to “co-exist” with WordPress comments, rather than replacing them.

    I recently ran a brief survey on my website at Over the course of a few days, I received a good number of responses. One question was worded like this: “We’re not asking if you DO post comments on our articles, but if you were to post a comment, which platform would you prefer to use?” This is a multiple-choice response.

    So far, 27% say Facebook and 65% said the site’s own original (WordPress) commenting interface. Some of my readers like Facebook since they already logged-in there, so they can quickly post a comment… but given the nature of my site, many users would prefer NOT to reveal their real names (which Facebook requires). They would prefer to register for a login on my site, where they can create an obscure screen name that protects their true identity.

    When given the chance to provide open answers on what one thing they’d most like to see changed about the site, one reader said it would be nice if I could include a widget which lists the latest FB comments, just like I already have a widget which lists the latest WordPress-posted comments. It’s a wonderful point, as right now, you MUST visit each page individually to see if any comments were posted via FB, and that even goes for me as the site owner. I don’t get notifications (via email like WordPress does) or even on my own FB account when I login there.

    To that extent, it would be nice if I could get FB comment notifications. I doubt anyone would post anything obscene under their real name via FB, but just the same, I’d like a better way to be aware of new comments; nobody has time to manually and continually view each post just to check for comments. Even if not for policing comments, sometimes readers ask questions and I like to know so I can respond.

    Thanks for your attention to these comments. Still holding off on reactivating the FB plugin after my earlier trial, but hopeful to hear some news on the requests made here.

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