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    Hi folks,
    There have been a number of requests for more comments features.

    So far, I’ve heard these:
    1) Save comments to the WordPress comments system.
    2) Retroactively use the default WP comments system on old blog posts (new ones would use the Facebook plugin, if enabled).

    Please leave a comment with any other suggestions.


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  • mattkelly




    From Steve: “I will need to look into the plugin code, but when attempting to replace the existing FB comments on our site, I discovered that the plugin hooks the comments box inside the WP loop, so it appears at the bottom of our content (above the author byline), rather than into the wp-comment action hook.

    Then the second problem is it ignores the width set in wp-admin. I chose the 704px width as we currently use, but instead the Fb comments box is displayed at a maximum of 550px.

    I have switched it off for now and will run with my own scripts in functions.php, until I see a solution.”



    Mark E Tisdale: “Having played with it a few minutes, some of the features could use some finesse. For instance the Facebook comments option disables regular comments. Some of us would rather give non-facebookers the chance to comment as well. I can do the code to put both on there, but it would be nice if there was a tick option to choose whether or not Facebook over-rides regular commenting system. ”

    Any chance in getting the ‘Comments’ plugin to work for mobile soon? Every 3rd party that relies on the FB API for Comments uses a fixed width. If there was a way to set that to %’s that would be a huge win.

    Thanks Matt.

    Matt, this is a great composite thread.

    I’d not exactly considered a retroactive switch. That kinda changes my request. I’d like to see a simple “chose one of three options” selector to (a) have FB override the native system 100%, comment counts = FB comments (b) have FB override native system ONLY on new posts, old posts retroactively retain old system, comment counts = correct for the post (Honestly, I’m not even sure a retroactive switch is possible but a date selector likely is. I fear however that it would get confused when the plugin is deactivated/reactivated. This could be touchy.) and (c) The option I was discussing of having both FB and native present and comment count = fb+native comments.

    Importing into the native database is huge, but it seems you’ve heard our requests for that (thank you).

    Matt Heady brings up a good point. Themes today are moving towards fluid width and away from fixed width due to the mobile requirements. This means we’re expecting plugins to not break in a fluid environment. In the WordPress word, “mobile responsive themes” are becoming a big deal. (I’m sure you understand this from your work with the mobile needs of the Facebook ecosystem.) While most of us are asking you to make the plugin able to be bigger than 550px, generally what we are asking for is for the plugin to use 100% of the available comment div. These two issues are interrelated and possibly could be answered with the same patch.


    PS: If it’s better if I remain putting comments like this in the original thread, so you can keep this one clean, just let me know and I’ll move stuff back to there.

    fwiw – looks like installing FB comments when DISQUS was already activated resulted in deactivating the FB plugin again due to the fact that all comments are now closed on any new posts – it could very well be a whole new DB clean install post backup issue to resolve *sigh*

    I would advocate for these features

    What I think a lot of blogs are going to look for is to implement this, but they want to preserve the thousands of comments already made with their existing comment system.

    1. Be able to have Facebook comments and WP default comment system work in tandem, all in one thread/inline with each other, and have it look really nice

    2. Have the option in setup to a)go 100% Facebook comment b)New post go Facebook comments c)have facebook and WP comments interminge (stated in 1)

    3. I would like to see this seamlessly integrated into jetpack. But I would ask that it be as high quality as the other jet pack itemes

    4. This may already be a feature, but when I post, any Facebook comments on that post, also seamlessly show up on my facebook page as comments to the facebook post about the post on my blog and vice a versa. Ex: A new post is on the blog and I promote it on my facebook page. a reader makes a comment on my facebook page, it then is automatically shown as a comment on my blog in the comment section

    5. You did this already, but be sure to remember that we need the flexibility to post to a page (or pages), to our personal facebook account as well as both. Have the ability to automate this or choose what goes live by checking a box or something.

    Hello, Matt.
    It’s a nice plugin. I would suggest for these features.

    1.Comments option is able to select page only, posts only, both. I already installed Facebook for wordpress plugin. And I checked comments. Some pages showed comments but other page didn’t show comments. I would like to show comment in post.

    2.Old comment data(Facebook comments for wordpress) integrate Facebook for wordpress comments with count.



    I’d like to see the comment box be only inlcuded when is_singular(). To me it makes less sense on overview pages…

    As to the width issue, consider using the global $content_width variable, which is (supposed to be) set by every Theme.

    hello, i agree with riyan about the interest of having fb comment and wordpress comment working at the same time, I don’t have so much facebook connected people using my website, and the app is even annoying for some of them. So for my users, facebook comment alone would be an unpleasant feature .

    I would like to suggest comment notification. With the WP comments, I could be notified of new comments.

    I’d like to see the comment that are posted on the timeline added to the ones on the actual post. At the moment you end up with two different discussions, on on the post (on your own site) and another on the FB fan page. Would be great to combine the two and create one big conversation.

    The issues I am seeing so far:

    Most importantly, the comment are injected everywhere, even if comments are disabled. A choice should be given to include them on pages or not, and if comments are disabled per page or posts, the comments should not be there. It’s really a pain to have to re-hook an official plugin like that… Granted even word-press handles this poorly with no option to remove all comments from pages, other that removing the code from the templates. But this one is a no-brainer.

    Using add_filter( ‘the_content’) to inject the comments is quite odd… I don’t mind, but at least could you spread the priorities from say 20 to 30, instead of 30 for all of the hooks, so that we have flexibility with other filters in between.

    I am seeing some iframe css issues with the layout. Notably, the recommendations bar iframe brings some unnecessary margin on top of the comments iframe, and forces the browser to redraw with some flickering there once the recommendations kicks in. I would love for the supposedly invisible iframes not to have any height or margin associated with them, messing with layouts.

    Also I am not quite seeing what “including full SEO support” refers to. None of the Facebook comments can be seen by bots at the moment. Unless they are synced with WordPress comments. There is no SEO in play here. Perhaps a “planned” mention on this would be appropriate so there is no confusion. Thanks

    I want to know how to enable both FB comment and WordPress comment on my blog.



    In regards to an earlier post quote:

    Mark E Tisdale: “Having played with it a few minutes, some of the features could use some finesse. For instance the Facebook comments option disables regular comments. Some of us would rather give non-facebookers the chance to comment as well. I can do the code to put both on there, but it would be nice if there was a tick option to choose whether or not Facebook over-rides regular commenting system. ”

    To: Mark E Tisdale (or anyone capable), can you pass along the code to enable both type of commenting on one’s blog? I would have to second Mark’s recommendation & rational. Being a novice myself, I don’t have the same ability to code for both comments to work simultaneously.


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