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    I’m loving this plugin, and in my opinion is much neater and easier to use than other Facebook Comments plugins.

    My only worry is that this doesn’t seem to work in IE? The elements are loaded (.fbcommentbox etc) but nothing is loaded in to them.

    I have embedded the Facebook Comments Social Plugin directly from Facebook ( and it works fine across all browsers – however it shows the same comments site-wide, whereas your plugin shows specific post comments which is what I want.

    Hope that makes sense and you can point me in the right direction for getting this working!

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  • Yea…All of a sudden it works now…weird! I didn’t make any changes

    I did not see a post.php file?

    Awesome, thanks for the help pleer.
    I emailed you about this and you gave me a link to this thread.

    So at first I added

    xmlns:og="" xmlns:fb="">

    but my like looked like this <html xmlns="" and that did not work, so then I simply copied and pasted what you have there onto one line and it works perfectly.

    Did this in the header.

    Thanks a bunch, great plugin.



    glad this thread helped you out!


    I have added the full HTML tag on my site:

    <html xmlns=”” dir=”ltr” lang=”en-US” xmlns:og=”” xmlns:fb=””>

    But not working yet…


    I had the same IE issue.

    I replaced my <html xmlns…> tag in my header.php with this:

    <html xmlns=”” dir=”ltr” lang=”en-US” xmlns:og=”” xmlns:fb=””>

    And now it works perfect

    Wordbooker conflicts with this plugin as it is another Facebook plugin. I had forgotten it was installed, so removing it did the trick.

    I am testing your wp plugin Facebook Comments on
    great looking and eazy to install – I love it .

    i founf a small problem I am sure you can fix if shortly :

    when you comment on the post the plugin ( I guess) take the first photo on the page . what I need is to pick the Thumbnail first if empty the first photo in the post and if empty the first photo in the page . any Idea ??

    The plugin was working fine but since version 3.3 there are problems with ie8. It shows that there is a plugin but it only opens a blank space.



    Great plugin but it doesn’t filter out the default WordPress comments box so now I have two. Is there a solution for this?

    I also got the IE8 issue and can´t uncheck the “use HTML5” box

    hi all, for all those still struggling, try adding the following inside your <head> tags:

    <!--[if IE]>
    <script src="" type="text/javascript">
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

    (Credit Source)

    I’ll post this here as it never got any reply on another thread. I just started using this plugin and am a little confused. Maybe I am doing something wrong or missed something:

    1. Do I need to comment in my own WP post to get the post to show up on my FB page?
    2. After I do comment the post’s link shows up but there is no thumbnail. Looks like there should be.
    3. Is there anyway to share the FB comment link on the blog post with FB groups?

    I’ll leave it at this for now.


    @mattbrandon you should wait a little before people reply so that there is only one thread to answer 😛

    1. No – you can like the post if you wish
    2. Have a look at this post I wrote to help you with this
    3. Yes, using the send button.

    Sorry I was impatient. I am excited about the possibilities of this plugin.

    1. Thanks. Maybe I’ll stick with commenting. When I comment on the post it shows up with the comment in FB. I like that, sort of seeds the comments.
    2. Yeah… Like I am going to understand half of that techno stuff ;0) But I’ll give it a shot.
    3.I see no Share option in any of the facebook comments on my post or on facebook link when I “like” it.

    Here is my post so you can see who it is working (of you don’t mind)


Viewing 15 replies - 16 through 30 (of 31 total)
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