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  • I have enjoyed the ease of use of the facebook comment importer plug in for months now but about 4 days ago it abruptly stopped working.

    My site is and I have made no changes to or added any other plugins in the past few weeks.

    I upgraded to the new version of wordpress last night because I thought that may have been the issue, however the comments still are not importing.

    In the dashboard it shows that the site is linked correctly to the FB page, and it even shows the numbers of comments under each post, but when I tried to “import now” manually, it gave me an error message.

    I refreshed and tried again, and got “import successful” however no comments were imported.

    Can you please assist.

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  • Having the same problem here.

    The plugin stopped working on Saturday 9/10. Tried both versions — 1.1 and 1.2 — neither are working any longer.

    Same thing here.

    And the other plugin FB2WP doesn’t even work for me

    To elaborate on the error this is what I get:

    Error while importing comments from Facebook: Error while getting the comments : Error while getting this user : An unknown error has occurred.

    Mine is also showing the links and comments correctly and also says it’s successful after a second attempt but nothing is really imported.

    I have the same problem.

    For whatever reason… the plugin started back working on my site again yesterday. All the comments that had NOT been imported all came through and they seem to be importing correctly again now.

    Also started working again. Maybe something with Facebook API. I’m just glad it’s back

    Plugin Author Neoseifer22


    The Facebook API is often broken. Sometimes, it doesn’t work for some regions, or only for some people. So it’s really hard for Facebook API users (developpers) to debug.

    Working in localhost. But not in my website.
    The plugin pref page detects all the right posts with the right number of comments.
    When i press “import now”, it takes a few minutes then throw a “import successfull” message. But nothing happened.
    And the comment import status are still on “not yet”.

    Running a website with now a majority of comments posted on facebook, you bet I wish someone could make it work !



    Same thing is happening to me, johnybegod.

    If it’s just an intermittant FB API downtime thing that sucks but yeah, nothing anyone can do about it. But is that what’s going on? Can I do anything to help fix?

    Plugin Author Neoseifer22


    Just a question : when this occurs, can you check what is the date displayed after “Next scheduled import” in the Settings panel ?

    I just got the same problem : FBCI stopped working suddenly. The problem was that my server’s clock was changed to a wrong date (1 week in the future) during an hour in the night. FBCI was triggered at this time by WordPress, did his job and the set the next scheduled import to 17/10/2011 02:00 (one hour later at this time, but one week in the future in reality). Then the server’s clock was corrected, but the damage was done.

    So, a kind of space-time continuum problem, or something like this 😉

    This problem is also the source of the “Import Now button dosn’t work” bug.

    System clock is set correctly and the time shown is correct as well, but I still haven’t been able to import for the last few weeks.

    The plugin detects posts, it shows how many comments have been made on Facebook, and it shows that it hasn’t imported any over. If I try to manually update, it will run, but nothing will actually happen. Nothing will be imported at all, and usually it just returns an empty page after running. It shows that everything is ‘OK’, though, despite not being able import.

    What is also odd is I can’t change the schedule import. I can select anything from the dropdown list, but no matter what I select, it always imports twice a day and no more.

    Plugin Author Neoseifer22


    @arrakiv : I don’t understand, you say you haven’t been able to import for weeks, but that it imports twice a day ?

    Anyway, can you try this :
    – Go to http://yourblog-url/wp-admin/options.php
    – Find fbci_lock and set the value to 0
    – Click on the “Save” button at the bottom of the page
    – Go to the FBCI settings page and try to click on “Import Now” again.

    Tell me if it works please.

    Sorry, I should have explained better. 🙂

    What I meant was, it schedules for automatic imports twice a day. The imports are never actually successful though.

    I went ahead and made the change that you suggested. The number that was there was pretty significantly different. However, no comments are being imported still.

    Plugin Author Neoseifer22


    Do you mean that if you select “Every hour”, then click on “Save”, the selection turns back to “twice a day” ?

    Very strange…

    I have the same problem, the plugin stopped working. No comments are imported. I think there is a problem with the facebook id. With the graphs api you can not find your id anymore. If you type in the URL in your browser with the id, the url will automatically switch to an URL with your name / group or whatever.
    The plugin user interface says: connected to blog: yes, facebook comments: 9 comments, Imported to blog: not yet.
    Please see also the Facebook blog:
    I think there is a problem with the changes FB has made.

    Plugin Author Neoseifer22


    @weisserschaefer : In the settings, you can use the name of your fan page if its urls is

    In this case, you have to set name-of-your-fan-page in the settings, not your id.

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