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  • Hi,

    This is just a cosmetic issue however it keeps bugging me for long time. Maybe someone who looked more deeply into the issue had some idea how to overcome it.

    I use the plugin set up in Romanian language. Most of the messages comes from Facebook in Romanian language as they are supposed to do. However I found a couple of strings that does not get translated such as:
    1. Richard Vencu and 12 others like this.Nu îmi place (see the and 12 others like this section comes in English
    2. View one comment comes in English while if the number of comments is zero the strings is translated correctly. Also more than one comment returns correctly translated string (this is however an issue still to be debated)

    So maybe someone knows at least how to prompt Facebook about translations issues. Or how to use a set of custom translations if there is such a feature.

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  • Plugin Author we8u


    I’ll look into localization for facebook. If you catch any messages not from facebook that don’t get translated, let me know at fbc at I may have missed a few.

    For 2., if you switch themes to twenty-ten, does the problem persist?

    Thanks. I am not sure what strings come from Facebook and what from the plugin. I tried to use Codestyling Localization to check your localization but I could not find the plugin at all.

    For 2 I am using Speaky, a child theme of twenty-ten. Switching to twenty-ten does not improve it. Looking for this string in twenty-ten show up nothing

    Meanwhile I spoted another mistranslation: if someone else is the only who liked an article: Adina Fulea and one other person like this. comes in English
    If I am among ones who liked an article: Richard Vencu şi încă o persoană vă place.Nu îmi place is in Romanian but the translation is strange. It should sound like: Richard Vencu şi încă o persoană plac acest articol.Nu îmi place

    In my opinion Facebook is still far to have a good translation engine. Many of the above problems appear with any Facebook integration plugin I have seen so far, still I encountered rare non-Wordpress sites that appears to handle the problem correctly.

    The gettext calls in WordPress are much better.


Viewing 2 replies - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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