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    It’s funny, I honestly can say that I spent 10 hours messing around with Simple Facebook Connect and after Otto being unhelpful and rude and trying all the options he suggested to no avail I gave up. Then I didn’t use the plug-in and watched it slowly degrade to uselessness on my website until I removed it and went in search for something new.

    I spent hours searching, finding, installing, then uninstalling plugins for comments on wordpress because they were all just annoying- too many options, too many chances for error… and errors they all had… EXCEPT this one!

    The best plug-ins for WordPress are the plug-ins that are straight forward and simple. The less moving parts, the less there is to break. All I had to do with this plug-in was pop in my Facebook code and bingo! I’m back in business!


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  • Peadig


    not sure yet but you’ll be notified within your admin section…




    Is it possible to delete a Facebook comment as the owner of the site once it has been posted?




    yes you can. go to the facebook comment moderation area




    Thanks again. (You are very patient.)




    How do I allow comments on the main page only (and not on other pages)?

    I have set individual pages to “do not allow” comments, and have disabled all the comment settings in Settings/Discussion, but Facebook Comments is showing up on all pages still.


    @janio – the best way to do this is to implement the shortcode directly into the theme on the homepage and use the shortcode to specify which pages and posts you want it to appear. at the moment i’m looking into how the comments section can be given more options. i’ll keep you posted…

    Thanks again, Alex. That works.


    have you implemented the Javascript SDK? If not, it can be manually inserted using the information provided at, inserting this best just after <body>, changing YOUR_APP_ID:

    <div id="fb-root"></div>
      window.fbAsyncInit = function() {
        FB.init({appId: 'YOUR_APP_ID', status: true, cookie: true,
                 xfbml: true});
      (function() {
        var e = document.createElement('script'); e.async = true;
        e.src = document.location.protocol +


    I agree with the others, this is a really sweet plugin. I’ve been playing around with it on a couple of sites. The only thing I can’t figure out is how to disable comments for specific posts. Does this capability exist?


    thanks for the feedback! at the moment this can only be done via shortcode but the plugin will soon evolve into something much more versatile…

    Hi Alex,

    I posted these questions here because I’m not certain you will see them on your site..?

    If a visitor does not have/use any of the social networks, will they still be able to comment on a post? For example, I did not see a way to post a comment on your site ( without signing into one of the choices.

    Also, I notice that if I am not logged into FB, then I do not see my own comment there, even though I see others….odd
    In the FB profile I used, privacy for posts and such are set at “everyone”.

    In regard to Facebook like and send buttons:

    For some reason, I’m getting the ‘like’ button on all posts, but the ‘send’ button on only one post; Any ideas? (

    Thank you.

    @dave you have to log in using one of the options Facebook give. You cannot comment anonymously.

    You should be able to see you own comments. I am unsure why you wouldn’t see it yourself.

    I am also unsure why the send button isn’t on all posts. I can see it is enabled within the source code. You may want to try contacting Facebook support in this instance

    Thank You Alex


    Me again.

    This is a little off-topic, but still related.

    Do you know what uses for the subscribe to comments section, as seen below?

    “This user should be notified of follow-up posts via email.”

    Is it a plugin or a setting that I don’t know about?


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