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    It’s funny, I honestly can say that I spent 10 hours messing around with Simple Facebook Connect and after Otto being unhelpful and rude and trying all the options he suggested to no avail I gave up. Then I didn’t use the plug-in and watched it slowly degrade to uselessness on my website until I removed it and went in search for something new.

    I spent hours searching, finding, installing, then uninstalling plugins for comments on wordpress because they were all just annoying- too many options, too many chances for error… and errors they all had… EXCEPT this one!

    The best plug-ins for WordPress are the plug-ins that are straight forward and simple. The less moving parts, the less there is to break. All I had to do with this plug-in was pop in my Facebook code and bingo! I’m back in business!


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  • No, thank YOU for the great feedback!

    Glad to know it’s playing nicer than all the other plugins. The next update will be even better with the option to output the comments as HTML instead of via Facebook. This is better for SEO.

    If you can, please donate!

    There are a few Facebook Comments plugins. Could you tell me who the creator of the plugin is? I’ve been trying a few options as well, and am about ready to tear my hair out.

    @janio – I am!
    what would you like to know?

    Oh, wow. Thanks for the quick response!

    I see Facebook Comments plugins by…

    James Low
    Alex Moss
    David Nelson
    Ivan Georgiev

    Are you one of these, or am I not looking in the right place?


    yep – i’m alex. what did you need to know?


    Thank you. Very nice and clean.

    A couple of questions:

    1. Will the plugin still work if I turn off the default WP comments?
    2. Will a comment made through your plugin “like” a Facebook page as well? Or is it just for adding comments?
    3. Will I lose the comments that I have already, if I switch to your plugin? If they remain, will they appear in the Facebook format of your plugin?

    Thanks for your help.


    1) Yes. They work independently from each other. However, in a future update (not sure when but it’ll be a major one) I will be making the plugin embed within the comment area. At the moment it’s appending to the end of your blog content, which isn’t ideal

    2) It seems so yes. When someone comments they also seem to automatically like that page. Cool huh?

    3) You won’t lose anything from before no. At the moment the only output is from Facebook’s own methods but soon there will be an update (not the one above) that will let you output your comments in plain HTML


    1. I turned off comments (from Settings/Discussion) but the WP comment box remains on posts along with your Facebook Comments plugin. I’d rather not have both. Is there another way to disable the WP default comments?

    2. Very nice.

    3. I am not sure what you mean by “output your comments in plain HTML.” (I haven’t learned to speak HTML yet.)

    Do you have a mailing list for updates and news? Or is that from your Facebook page?

    Hi! I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to upload this…I’m really new at this. So forgive me for asking, but where do I get an APP ID?

    1) You also have to untick in each post page in the “discussions” tab. you can go into the database direct if you’re up for it:

    3) at the moment search engines can’t read the comments so isn’t good for SEO, however, the update will make this happen

    – no not at the moment. whenever an update occurs i update the plugin homepage if the updates are relevant. otherwise like the facebook page and follow us on twitter and you’ll see all our updates there!

    @bsperos – go to settings -> Facebook Comments within your WordPress admin and all details are in there including links of where to get app id…

    Found it…went through all the settings…but nothing happened. I’m missing something here. I’d give up but I’ve spent so much time trying this i can’t get off it. what’s the next step after going through all the options on the wordpress page. where is the code and who do I add it to my site. thanks again

    the link to your page looks great on my site…unfortunately it’s not doing me much good…. :0

    have a look at this thread to see if this solves your issue


    When is the next update due?


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