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  • So I only found out about this plugin today and man I got excited! I got it installed and started putting it into my site. And then I came across some bugs.

    First thing I noticed was that I needed to change the width of the “Like button”. Using the width setting which I changed to 600, the outer table and the iframe being built by the plugin has a width setting of 600, but nothing inside the iframe get’s framed right. For example, where it says “8 people like this, be the first of your friends”, this gets cut in the middle of the sentence resulting in the sentence carrying over 2 lines and a massive waste of space to the right of it where the remainder of the 600 px is. The content of the iframe should be more dynamic allowing for the width of the columns, especially the last column that contains the writing, to be maximised according to the width specified in the settings for the plugin.

    Second, also with the “Like button” is that the show faces option does not work. If I set this option to on or off it still shows the faces irrespective to my choice, and in my case I do not actually want any faces shown as it throws out the layout of my page.

    Third is with the Comments. Apparantly there is some form of moderation for this. I looked at the Facebook developer site and read up all about this and did exactly what it told me to do. However this didn’t work, not only was there no moderation options when posting etc. but every comment was submitted direct to facebook as well. Further, when accessing the comments section of my facebook app not a single comment was being listed so there was nothing to moderate. No moderation is a show stopper for me and as much as I want to use facebook comments I just can’t until either I know what I’ve done wrong or it’s fixed.

    Finally, the recommendations bar that shows up – this is fantastic but not being able to actually specify the fixed position where I want it to show up is a bit of a disappointment. It’s all good showing it from the bottom right or left corner but for some layouts etc. giving us wordpress administrators some further control as to where it shows on the screen would be beneficial.

    As always I welcome advice if I’ve done something wrong – I will gladly correct my mistake, but if it is a bug I am looking forward to the next release – hopefully some of these issues will be sorted out by then. Until then I can’t really make use of those features that I am actually desperate to use.

    All the above put aside – a big thank you for a plugin with great potential. It can only get better and I’m very appreciative of the work already put into this so far.

    – Matt

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