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    If this plugin use the api of facebook as standalone, it can break some plugins already using facebook.

    Maybe i can try to rename the class from the api.

    Also, Facebook AWD is conflicting with the Disqus plugin. When both are installed and activated, only the default “Comments are closed.” WP text is displayed.

    Disabling the Disqus plugin causes the default WP comment system to be displayed and work correctly.

    More importantly, disabling Facebook AWD causes the Disqus comments to work correctly.

    I’d love to see these 2 plugins play nicely together, I’m having to use another Open Graph plugin in the meantime!

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    I know that problem…

    I will work on it for the 1.0 version of the plugin.

    Thank you, I appreciate your hard work!

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    To help me remebering that problem,

    Can you submit a bug in the tracker ?

    Here :


    conflict with facebook photo fetcher also… below error appear..

    Warning: Another plugin has included the Facebook API throughout all of WordPress. I suggest you contact that plugin’s author and ask them to include it only in pages where it’s actually needed.

    Things may work fine as-is, but only if the API version included by the other plugin is at least as recent as the one required by Facebook Photo Fetcher.

    Fatal error: Call to undefined method stdClass::auth_createToken() in /home/zizulcom/public_html/blog/wp-content/plugins/facebook-photo-fetcher/_admin_menu.php on line 57

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    NO NO NO… This plugin need the API every Where…

    THe Facebook API used by Facebook AWD is the last one.
    It use both JS api AND PHP API and is up to date! (PHP SDK 3.1.1 Last one form Facebook.)

    The API can be used by other plugin.

    The authors of others plugins just have to verify if the plugin exists and use his api instead.

    How to ?

    global $AWD_facebook;

    the API is here:
    $AWD_facebook->fcbk => object php of the SDK Facebook
    $AWD_facebook->fcbk->api() function to call api.

    As you can see it’s very simple.

    Why i do not want to modify the plugin ?
    Simply because this plugin include a lot of api call, a full configuration of the api with openGraph protocol. OAuth system and all others api used to fetch data from facebook. TO allow to publish on your pages, to get login system for your members etc…

    Facebook photo fetcher use the api only to make one call on Facebook.
    And he can easily modify this plugin to use the api instancied by Facebook AWD.

    The Facebook AWD plugin is a base.
    There is a full system inside to redefine api, to use it, or to add subplugin to it.

    The wiki explain a lot of thing about that, and in the version 0.9.9(new one in next week) will impletment the ne openGraph system, the new openGraph publish actions with custom objects.

    SO It’s very difficult for me to use ohter api.

    This tool is maybe more usefull for people who want to use FULL featured Facebook Tool API with wordpress.

    The fetch facebook photo and Disqus can be updated to use THE AWD Facebook Api. because it is more simple and more configured.
    It’s A FULL Facebook Plugin, not a plugin that uses the API only to make little calls to facebook.

    So i am really sorry, but this plugin will never be updated to be compatible with those plugins that use the Facebook API, they want to be the master FACEBOOK API But it’s the role of this plugins…

    But you’re free to modify it, to use an other one.
    You will always have this problem while the API is used from a PHP SDK CLASS that hold the same name in each plugin.

    Tq sir, so.. any suggestion how i can handle the conflict? i really need both plugins… huhu =/

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    Which features do you use in Facebook awd ?

    commment, and like…facebook connect…

    Plugin Author AHWEBDEV


    Comment and like can be used as standalone…

    But for the facebook connect, it’s more complicated…you should try to replace the api inside others plugins…

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