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  • From what I can tell, the problem sites that I have that won’t back up with EZPZ are the ones with HTTPS enabled on the admin interface (which is all my production sites).

    I did some testing: The same site with HTTPS disabled for administration will back up correctly, and show the backups in the window for download.

    The same site with HTTPS enabled for administration, the backup download window is blank.

    This seems to be a common issue with plug-ins, and EZPZ isn’t the only plug in that breaks when you use HTTPS for the admin console.

    It’s probably easy enough to fix.

    I am a mere mortal and do not understand — or ever have had to deal with — enabling or disablying https for the admin interface. So, aerobrent, how exactly does one toggle this? And what is the effect (or tradeoffs) of doing so???

    @linkomatic HTTPS can be enabled by editing the wp-config.php file for your site. There are two lines you could add, and the description of them and what they are and their function can be read about here:

    One just forces logins over HTTPS, and the other forces both logins and the Admin page to go over HTTPS.

    You need to make sure your web server (hosted or self hosted) is configured for HTTPS connections. Most offer this as a part of their service, but using an SSL certificate that’s not specific to your web site. This will trigger browser warnings that the site you’re connecting to uses a certificate that does not match the URL.

    However, if you as the admin are the only one loggin into your site, then this is a non-issue. You just accept the connection and life is good.

    The plus is that you won’t have people sniffing your usernames and passwords to your site, or hijacking your sessions after you’ve logged in. This is becoming an ever more common way for sites to get compromised. I was at a conference a while back, and I cringed every time I saw a speaker log into a live/customer’s site over the hotel provided wireless network, over plain, unencrypted HTTP.

    The down side is that many developers don’t anticipate people securing their admin pages with HTTPS, and will often have plugins that break because the plug-ins try to connect to the control panel via hard coded HTTP. In this case, you either have to fix the plug-in, get the developer to do it, or abandon its use. EZPZ is one of these.

    Thanks for that informative explanation Aerobrent.

    Next mission is to contact UncaJoe and persuade him to add the HTTPS facility.

    I am really glad to have gone to myRepono ( for my backups. I spent almost 2 days looking for a backup plugin that worked and could not find one and tweaking this plugin would be a time sponge. If you can automatically backup and restore your site and DB for 2 cents a gig to a secure cloud then why spend time with a backup plugin? Anyone want to buy a 2TB WiFi HD?

    UncaJoe hasn’t replied to my direct email to him, so the next step is to get him to reply or comment at all! HTTPS coding might be a LONG way off.

    And … if you end up hunting a paid option there are quite a few good ones including Repono, and a handful of ones to avoid too.

    I’m with @flippertie. You guys had me scared to test restoring the backup file but it looks like everything is there. Seems to be for the entire Mu although I tested only a sub blog. I was still using 0.8.2 by the way with wp 3.3.1.

    Found here :

    An alternative is also using filezilla and a desktop scheduler macro.

    @stacy Was that upload to done with ezpz backup? I didn’t know it had that capability

    No. EZpz doesn’t save it to . It was uploaded to an account on I think EZPZ has a dropbox capability though.

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