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  • A follow up to this….this thing broke my site temporarily. I’ll spare the details, but both the front end and the dashboard got completely hung. Finally was able to login again, and went to deactivate and delete the plugin. More hangs, incl. one DB connection error. Finally got the thing deactivated and deleted, and the site is okay again. I won’t be coming back to this again, at least until I see a TON of “it works” votes.

    Same thing happened to me – totally killed my website – had to go in with Filezilla and delete this plugin and the website came alive again. But the website was dead for 24 hours before I realized what had happened.

    Use with extreme caution – too bad, it looks like a nice plugin but needs lots more testing….

    This is the first time a plugin locked up my virtual server at Godaddy. I had to get them on line and request they reboot the SQL server so that I could login and reboot the server itself. Scarey. I think that one problem here is creating too many connections, overloading the server.

    I have it EZPZ on 5 sites and use it whenever I change anything. Never had a problem with it – but never needed to restore from the backups either. Now you guys have me wondering if I should look at another backup solution. Any suggestions?

    I could not find a backup plugin that works. Also I needed a place to backup to. I have about 40 sites networked wordpress and I was FTPing to my 2TB wifi hard drive using SmartFTP. Still kind of a hassle, computer needs to be on, etc. I started looking at cloud entities and found MyRepono to work best for me. For 2 cents a gigabyte they are the most reasonable and they do all the work, and I get email notifications. Super easy to setup and they do have a WP plugin but you won’t need it. They have a free trial, no credit card, gives you $5 of space. If you only have a few sites that would last you at least a month. I wasted a lot of time and bought a 2TB drive for nothing.

    Here is my referal link

    I also have EZPZ installed on over 10 sites and always thought I was protected by this in case of needing to restore a backup but after having my manual backup freeze up on me again today and trying to access backups via the generated email links for 2 different sites and being told that “You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page.” when clicking on the provided backup links, I think it’s time to look at other backup options. What good is this if the backups it’s supposedly creating are not accessible? I installed WP-DBManager
    plugin today and it seems to work fine but only backups the database, not the entire site. I’m going to look at the Xcloner plugin today also. What happened with EZPZ? It used to be a great plugin and the last few updates to it seem to have destroyed not only the functionality but also the confidence level of its users.

    I used to use a plugin called “updraft” that seemed to work – and emailed the backups. Separate emails for database, themes, plugins etc. I stopped using it because EZPZ seemed smoother for manual backups and more professional.

    I should add that I’ve never had problems with ezpz – it creates the zip files and downloads them fine. I’m just concerned that other people are reporting problems – the worst time to find out your backups are duds is when you need them…

    Thanks flippertie. I actually deleted the latest version of ezpz and reinstalled an older version that I still had that always seemed to work fine. I ran a manual backup using the old version and it worked without a hitch so that may be the way to go for now. Are you running the latest version of the plugin? I always thought too that the backups were being created fine when I would see all of the scheduled email notifications but when I actually tried to open one of them this week is when I discovered that I couldn’t even access the files from the link.

    I think I’m using the latest version. Found it by going to the plugin and clicking ‘edit’ – says Version: 12.02.08.

    I don’t use the scheduler function – just run a manual backup before I make changes or update the site.

    For me – all appears OK. I run a manual backup, download it, and can open the zip fie which seems to have all the files required. So for the moment I’m going to continue using EzPZ and assume the problems mentioned in this thread are due to individual set-up differences.

    Have you looked in the options panel – there is an option to set file and folder permissions. Perhaps setting them to 777, and trying the link in the email might work. Remember to set them back again..

    If you decide to change the other plugin I considered was “backwpup” which gets good reviews.

    What I’m wondering is: where is the AUTHOR of this plugin??? Is he not reading the comment threads? If not, why not? If so, why no response of any kind??? If for no other reason I wouldn’t use this thing anymore due to lack of attention being paid. Either he doesn’t have the time or the interest to respond to feedback. Too bad. The previous version was great — and actually worked.

    Yes, you would think the author would be monitoring the posts since this does not seem to be an isolated incident. As I said, the older version still appears to work so I will be using that for now. I will check out the file permissions thing you mentioned and the “backwpup” plugin too. Thanks.

    another option that looks pretty good: Online Backup for WordPress plugin. They recently came out with a new release. I’m kickin’ the tires now and I like what I see.

    While I have an active thread about backups (:

    Do any of you know a plugin that will back up to online storage? I have 50GB there waiting to be used….

    Thanks for the suggestion about Online Backup for WordPress. I will have to check it out. No, I don’t know anything about Sorry. In regards to EZPZ, I guess we can’t be too harsh with them since it is a free plug-in but it would be nice for them to eliminate the bugs or at least revert back to an older version on their site that was known to work without all of the new issues people seem to be having.

    I have a post about WP Backups, and I was notified of this thread and that UncaJoe seems to have ‘gone to ground’. That’s unfortunate.

    EZPZ was certainly having problems ever since since it came out, and I never got it to work on my main blog. But I used it on a friend’s blog just last week and it seemed to backup fine then.

    UncaJoe – heed the call!

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