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  • You should just install seo for firefox..its a plugin that will show you all the necessary info for any website in terms of seo. go to lots of good stuff for seo

    You are looking in the correct spot. Keep in mind that the network has been live for all of 2 hours now. Once our algorithm can match your content with other sites in the network you will start to see your incoming links under “Extreme SEO back links to your site:” You will also be able to see the page where your links are placed.

    The network has grown immensely in the first 2 hours. Please just keep the plugin activated, so we can match your site up and I promise you will not be disappointed.

    If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to ask.


    is this new? it sounds a little too good to be true, especially when you can’t really see it in action. i’m trying it on one of my blogs but i’m a bit skeptical about this.

    my gut was right IT IS too good to be true! the quality of the links they generate is rubbish and the way they place the links underneath your posts is spammy. they sent me a welcome email telling me to visit the forums and the forums don’t even exist!! also on a closer look their website has NO PR and NO ALEXA rank. boooo!!

    Please keep in mind that the Network just went live last night. This is a brand new innovative SEO solution. PR and Alexa rank doesn’t happen overnight. We are closely monitoring the network and are making adjustments to improve quality. If you keep the plugin activated and remain in the network, I promise you will not be disappointed.

    Yes, the forum is offline right now. Again, we just launched the network last night. If you have any concerns or suggestions please contact me directly We appreciate any feedback you have.

    It’s an interesting concept, its been tried before in different guises, and I cannot see how it can fail to fall foul of the same difficulties that previous automated link networks etc have run up against. The killer for me being that I surrender total control of the quality of the links on my site. Strategies like this appeal to the spammier webmasters, and inevitably a significant proportion of people using this tool will be running sites I do not want to link to under any circumstances. Rule of thumb-> be the one who chooses who you link to.

    These are all understandable concerns but here is the difference between this plugin and others that have been tried before. We are seasoned SEO consultants as well as seasoned web programmers so we know what you want and we know how to deliver it. We also work on this full time vs. someone who only has a few hours here and there to devote to the plugin.
    We have an ever evolving filter in the algorithm to weed out anything related to common spam words so you will not link to/from these types of posts. You must keep in mind that it is a network that was just launched and it needs members (activated plugins) in order to work and it is brand new software so please give us a few days to work out the initial bugs that ALL newly introduced software has.

    P.S. The support forum is up at our website and we monitor it closely so your concerns will not go unanswered.

    The link to our forum is not up yet but here is the direct url:

    SEO Link Network Forum

    I totally understand your concern. We are constantly improving our “spam” filters to keep out the bad sites, but we are also going to be improving the “Stats” page in your admin panel. It will soon include a list of all links delivered to your site. You will also be able to approve or deny any links showing on your site. This will be reserved for a later release of the plugin, but trust me, it is on our list of upgrades we want to provide you.

    We just launched last night so we are working tirelessly right now to iron out the bugs. Please be patient, but know that we are here to succeed where others have failed.

    Please remember that in order to make this SEO network everything that you want it to be, you must use our support forum or email us directly and tell us what features you want and what bugs you have found so that we can fix them. We are happy to modify the code but we need your input. Please use our forum and let us know what you like/dislike so we can make the adjudtments. Like I said, we work on this full time so requests for changes will not take long to impliment.

    We are seeing a few links that are not as directly related as we would like and we are working on correcting this now. The network just launched yesterday so this is our first opportunity to see the bugs and we are working to fix them so please leave your plugin activated and watch as the your linking gets better and better over the next few days.

    We just refined the post matching a bit so your results will be more precise now. We will continue working on it over the weekend as well.

    Something noteworthy for everyone…

    The post matching algorithm looks for your post tags first to use to find a match, if you dont have any tags for your post then we create a set of tags for your post using your post title and post content and match based on that. This way posts with no tags still get matches but if you want to control your matches more precisely, please tags your posts in the future.

    (though I don’t want to come over totally negative… you do have a better opportunity to be context driven this way than previous attempts at such projects I have come across… hell if I had thought of it I might even have tried it myself, but thats because I’m an arrogant enough coder to think I could get the context checking better than anyone else. I do wish you luck and might watch with interest)

    There is a difference between arrogance and knowing that you can do something that others have not. We have looked at the previous attempts of a network like this. We have identified their strengths and weaknesses and we have found ways around their shortcomings.

    As I said before, we are seasoned SEO professionals with a strong formal background in web programming. We are not novices and we are building a superior network to those attempts before us.

    Everything we are doing is 100% white hat SEO and conforms to all Google Webmaster Guidelines. There is no danger involved in activating the plugin and going along for the ride which is sure to benefit your site.

    I installed this plugin I was getting backlinks. Great! One thing though – my hosting company disabled it within a couple of days and sent me the following information (I would post this to the forum but cannot access the site):

    NOTE: If your hosting server has a memory limit be sure to edit plugin (extremeseo.php) to reflect this limit or your hosts may disable your site.

    We’ve found the following script was using too much server resource and had negative impact on the server’s performance. We have disabled the access to the file immediately (chmod 000) as it is direct abuse of the network services and a violation of our TOS and AUP.

    Once you have identified the problem and optimized the script, you can just chmod the file back to 644 to reinstate its public access.

    May 7 08:09:10 ALERT – script tried to increase
    memory_limit to 524288000 bytes which is above the allowed value
    (attacker ‘’, file
    ‘, line 11)


    Between the gibberish being spit out on posts by your activation routines the other night when the script calls home and the current “got error 134 from storage engine” (you’ve got a table somewhere that needs to be repaired) – I can’t say I can recommend this to anyone at the moment.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 26 total)
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