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    you have to manually unzip a zip inside a zip in the plugin folder. Retarded the author won’t address this without users paying for support. Like you would want to pay for support after seeing such incompetence.


    Hey Shalzers, I saw you posting about this plugin in a few places. I installed it, but when I click on an event I made, it just takes me right back to my homepage. My question is this… Once it gets working, can your subscribers just login and register for an event with a click or 2? All the event managers I’ve seen make you fill out forms… First name, last name, email etc… I don’t want anyone to be able to sign up for events, JUST MY MEMBERS on wordpress. Subscribers. All that info is already on their profile, so I want a 1 click solution… Login, click the event, and click “Register…” Is that the case here?


    Hey Kilerb,

    I walked away from this plugin and never looked back. Every time I thought I had it figured out I would find another series of issues. And I haven’t heard anything back from the developers.

    I hear ya man… Thanks for replying. I think the only event manager out there that allows you to combine it with your existing wordpress users is espresso pro, which is $60, plus another $35 for the member integration module. It’s WAY over and above what I am using it for. I run open mics and just want my users to be able to login quickly and click “Register” and be on the list. Was hoping I wouldn’t have to drop $100 on THAT. I feel like if I knew PHP I could write a plugin that does what I want in half an hour. Ugh…. If you know or hear of anything, let me know. I’d appreciate it! I’ll probably be buying Espresso in the next day or so though. Need something that works like the old plugin I had on Geeklog…

    Let us know what calendar you finally decided on.

    Probably going to go with the paid version of Espresso and their member module. Still waiting on 2 more questions to be answered before I buy though.

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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