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  • After activating the plugin and settings for the external database, I cannot log in anymore. No error is shown but the login page give an empty blank page. Am using worldpress 2.8.6 and the plugin version is 3.1
    Anyone know how to resolve this issue? thanks a lot

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  • Same thing happened on my end. I run a drupal community gaming site. I am using WP for a blogging site about the game world and I want my drupal users to be able to login and comment.

    This would be a great addition IF it would work.

    Anxiously awaiting a possible solution.

    check the errors log file maybe you will see where is the bug coming from. I updated to worldpress 2.9. my function to crypt the password was the problem, check that one too. Now i can log in, i hope this help you

    I am new to WP…

    I am running 2.9 but don’t know where the error logs are or where you change the password setting.

    Can you point me?

    Normally you have a logs folder on your server, if you do not have one create it. So from there if you run your website if any problems or error it ‘s going to be there from now on (file scripts.php).

    You know if you install and activate the plugin, you have to log on your WP admin page for configuration, it’s under setting. So you have to fill in the type of password encryption you use on your old table (if not md5 or sha1), you put your own function.

    I hope this help.

    I did find the logs under my er-logs folder. I have installed and activated the plugin as well as edited the settings.

    Of course, I might not have the correct settings, so I don’t know if that is what caused the WSOD when trying to access the login page.

    I thought Drupal used md5, but I might be wrong.

    Hey, I’m finally getting around to making sure this works with 2.8+, so look for the next release version to work, hopefully tonight.

    I think it’s a config problem most likely. I just went through checks with 2.8.6 and 2.9 and both of them are working fine.

    I bet all the fields are correct, but possibly Drupal, like other systems, has a particular hashing system that is more involved that a basic sha1, md5, or variant thereof. This site seems to indicate that Drupal 7, at least, may be using phpass. You would have to use code based on that to hash the (initial plaintext) password a user enters and compare to what’s on the Drupal user database.

    This is also what wordpress is supposed to be doing, but I’m having issues getting it to work across two wordpress installs per this post.

Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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