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  • Resolved RavanH


    Hi, this looks like a VERY valuable addition to Multi-site and I can hardly wait to test it but first some questions:

    1. I read it is “compatible with the WordPress Multi Network plugin”. As I understand that plugin to be basically a conversion of the old Multi-Site Manager plugin, will Extended Super Admins also be compatible with Networks for WordPress, ddean’s own WP3+ successor of Multi-Site Manager?

    2. Will Extended Super Admins allow me to limit a Super Admin to have super admin rights on just one network created by either WordPress Multi Network or Networks for WordPress ?

    Thanks 🙂

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  • Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    1) I’m not sure. I wasn’t even aware of that plugin (it appears to be called “Networks for WordPress“) until you brought it up. I’ll do some testing and see what I can come up with. At this time, the plugin uses the “wpmn_switch_to_network” function (which is part of John James Jacoby’s plugin) to switch between networks; but if David Dean’s plugin includes a similar function, I’ll be happy to add compatibility for it, too.

    2) The roles are managed across all networks, but the Super Admins (and, therefore, the users with the adjusted privileges from this plugin) are managed on individual networks. If a user is only on the Super Admin list on one network, that user will only have Super Admin privileges on that network.

    However, it is not currently possible for a user to be a full Super Admin on one network, and belong to one of the additional roles on other networks. The user is either a full Super Admin or belongs to one of the additional roles.

    I hope that makes sense. Let me know if you need more information.

    EDIT – I’ve updated the development version so that it should be compatible with Networks for WordPress. If you want to give it a shot (there are a handful of other semi-major changes, too), you can download the Development Version from here.

    Excellent! I’ll be testing this… Thanks 🙂

    When I click Multi-Network Activate, I get directed to /wp-admin/network/settings.php?options-action=multi_network_activate&page=esa_options_page but it remains an empty page (meaning top/side menus and footer are there but no text or form as content) and there appears to be happening nothing. Is that expected behaviour?

    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    No, that is not expected behavior. You should see a message telling you that it’s been activated on each of your networks. I will install the Networks for WordPress on one of my blogs over the next few days and see if I can replicate the issue.

    Let me know if you would like a login to my test setup…

    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    I found the initial problem (in the include file that activates the plugin on multiple networks, I was still only looking for WPMN instead of checking for NFW). After I fixed that and tested, it didn’t work the first time I tried to “Activate on Multiple Networks” (it only responded saying that it was already active on the first network). Then, I deactivated it on all networks, network activated it again and used the “Activate on Multiple Networks” link again and it worked.

    I’ve updated the development version again. Wait about 30-60 minutes before you download and install the new development version (it sometimes takes that long for the repository to process the updated files and re-create the ZIP file).

    Let me know if it works for you or if you encounter any other issues.

    I haven’t got around to addressing the issue you raised in your other thread, yet. Hopefully I’ll get to it tomorrow or this weekend. I’ll update that thread once I’ve got it.

    seems to be working now… does this have to be done each time a new network is created?

    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    That depends on how you create the new network. If you clone the network with the same Network Active Plugins, you don’t have to reactivate it, as it will already be active on the new network.

    Likewise, if you choose to clone the “extended_super_admins” sitewide option, the settings will automatically be carried over to the new network.

    If you don’t choose to clone either item, the settings will be propagated to the new network the next time you save the settings; however, they won’t take effect until you network activate the plugin on the new network.

    The “Activate on Multiple Networks” option basically just retrieves a list of all of the networks in the database, then adds the plugin to the list of Network Active plugins for each of those networks; so you could accomplish the same task by going into the admin dashboard for each network and then network activating the plugin manually.

    Ok, thanks for the explanation.

    A related question: can the plugin be installed in /mu-plugins/ ?

    Plugin Author Curtiss Grymala


    I just tested it briefly, and it looks like it should work as a mu-plugin. I didn’t encounter any issues in my preliminary testing.

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