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    First of all thank you for a beautiful plugin.
    I use version 3.0.1 of Explanatory Dictionary on wordpress 3.2.1
    I have though, two issues and two suggestions.

    1. I have Set Explaining Word (Words Expression, Sentence) Style: Italic.
    When I have some kind of formatting on the text (underline, strikethrough), the tooltip gets/inherits the formatting as well. This means that if the word “Button” is underlined, the explanation “a knob on a piece of electrical or electronic equipment that is pressed to operate it.” is ALSO underlined.
    At first I thought it could be theme related. But I have tried it with a few themes and always get the same result.
    Until there is a fix for the issue, is there some css I can add to the stylesheet to overcome this?
    2. Let’s say I have three different definitions e.g. “Button”, “Red Button”, “Green Button”.
    No problems with “Button”. Still…
    Whenever either the “Red Button” or the “Green Button” appears in the text, the tooltip gets confused and shows both explanations (for “Button” AND “Red Button”, “Green Button” respectively) one on top of the other. Is this a bug? Can this be resolved somehow? I haven’t figured a way yet.

    1. There is an option to exclude pages, posts. Could we also have an option to ONLY INCLUDE pages, posts? You can probably add a radio button in front of both options so someone can choose only one of the options.
    2. On the “Glossary page” I think that the space between the terms is non existing. How can I make it so there is an empty line between the terms? Or even better, have the term on one line (with : in the end of it) and have the explanation on a new paragraph intended?
    In other words what exact css (if it is a css controlled issue) should I use to format it? Is this possible?

    How does ED behave with custom posts?

    I know this is one looooong topic, but I really like your plugin and want to help. 🙂

    Thank you in advance for your time and efforts.

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