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  • Hey-hey.

    Just installed your plugin on one of our dev servers with debug mode on and there where a number of errors. This is how we fixed them:

    explanatory-dictionary.php line 476: wp_enqueue_script should be called on init like so:

    function expdicInit() {
    	global $explanatory_dictionary_plugin_url;
    	wp_register_script('explanatory_dictionary_scripts', $explanatory_dictionary_plugin_url.'javascript/scripts.js',array('jquery'));
    add_action('init', 'expdicInit');

    explanatory-dictionary-options.php lines 10 and 70: should always check to see a variable is set before checking it’s value:
    line 10

    if(isset($_POST["action"]) && $_POST["action"]=="save"){

    line 70

    }elseif(isset($_POST["action"]) && $_POST["action"]=="reset"){

    Of course the plugin works fine as long as debug mode is not turned on… just a few helpful tips.


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  • Plugin Author EXED internet


    Hello Baden,

    I’ve recently taken over the development of this plugin and one thing I am doing is rewriting the code.

    So in the next version all of this will be cleaned up and won’t spout any warnings/errors when WP_DEBUG is set to true

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