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  1. Driftless
    Posted 3 years ago #

    I just released EXIFize My Dates into the wild.

    This boutique plugin is geared toward photoblog sites that use the one-photo-per-post technique, and want their post dates to be set to the EXIF date of their photos.

    After activating the plugin, go to Tools -> EXIFize Dates, and choose the type of post you want converted in bulk. (It works with posts, pages, and custom post types as well).

    The plugin loops through each post of a selected type, and pulls the EXIF date from the wp database (using the wp_get_attachment_metadata() built in function) and updates your posts (using wp_update_post() built in function). Posts with no pictures, or bad or missing meta are skipped. Posts can also be skipped or have a date manually added by defining a special custom meta field exifize_date.

    The plugin is a simple no-frills workhorse that could shave hours off setting up a photoblog.


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