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  • Resolved David Hunt


    I’ve already mentioned this on a thread in the WPML forums, but I’m not sure if that is still being monitored by the Events Manager developers, so I’m sorry for the double-posting, but I’m getting rather desperate.

    I’ve got a deadline and the only thing that is preventing me from finalising is the fact that EM_Events::get() is retrieving events in BOTH languages:

    I’ve double-checked the WPML settings and “Blog posts to display” is set to “Only translated posts”. I have set and reset the permalinks.

    It happens for both standalone events and recurring events, and it happens using the default WordPress themes.

    Any swift insight would be very much appreciated!



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  • Thanks agelonwl, I have incorporated those code snippets. They work for individual events, but now recurring events are completely missing from the events list (even if they only exist in one language).

    That WPML forum post is already linked-to in the WordPress forums thread that you posted above. There are no further hints in that thread so far.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi David, it’s something we’re going to get to ASAP. I see posts there, but there’s not much to say anymore except working on the integration as time permits.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    btw, I hope to have an integration this week

    I’m trying to use recurrent events in a site the uses wpml. i have broken permalinks as many people have mentioned but i also have an issue where my events won’t output by category. when i try to incorporate the code snippets you posted – all events disappear from the page (they all recur) as mentioned above.

    my client really wants recurrent events and i really need to be able to output them by category. Marcus, i’m happy to send you credentials, etc. I’m a pro user and I LOVE the plugin. I’ll sing your praises everywhere if you help me to get it working.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    Hi, I’d advise NOT using recurrences with WPML

    unfortunately the way that recurrences work makes it pretty difficult to translate because each recurrence creates loads of ‘single’ events and these events are what have to have an equivalent translation. Given that each language creates more seperate events, it’s near impossible to reliably link translations together.

    Chances are I’ll have to write a completely custom recurrence solution for multilingual events, so this will unfortunately take some time. Moreover, I’d like to rewrite the current recurring events system too, so that’ll be done along with this. For sure we’ll look into it and come up with something, but the problem is when as we’re pretty busy with various things.

    Hey Marcus, I get what you are saying, I just have two follow up questions.

    1 – is there a way that I can turn the recurrent events i created into non-recurrant so that i don’t have to enter them all and

    2 – the more longshot question – i’m not actually translating the events. i don’t suppose that there is any way to divorce EM and WPML so that it behaves normally but offers no translation options?

    i assume categories will work on non-recurrent events, i’ll give it a go.

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for answering my questions but also (and more so) for all the awesome work you have done!!!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    1- the recurrent events are all actually single events, so what you can do is add a translation to each event.

    to avoid accidentally deleting them if you e.g. delet that recurrence template, you’d need to detach each one, which you can do either on the edit page of the event, or there’s a detach link when you hover over the events admin list.

    2- WPML should allow you to disable translation of our post types in their settings.

    categories are the same between the two

    appreciated 🙂

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