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    Most of this plug appears to work.
    The one issue we have encountered a number of times is that whenever any of a number of other plugins are updated, the widget for this plugin experiences issues. The widget shows up on the page, the title in the widget is there, but the calendar that should be there to pick a date from, doesn’t show up. It could be an issue with the other plugin, …. if it wasn’t so many plugins that it conflicts with. Remember however, the problem doesn’t stop the widget, in only stops the calendar in the widget. I’m not privy to the code, and even if I was, I would only screw it up; so I’ll leave it to the author. I’m sure it’s not that big a deal, just a persistant nuisance.

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    stop the widget, in only stops the calendar in the widget

    are you saying the whole calendar is missing or e.g. when clicking on a next date it doesn’t work. If the former, you probably have a CSS problem, if the latter, then a JS conflict.

    I’d try disabling your plugins and/or trying the default theme to pinpoint the cause.

    It’s a case of the whole calendar missing.
    We already tried the default theme: it didn’t correct the problem
    We then began disabling plugins, one at a time. The result was that for a number of plugins, it at first corrected the problem, then after a few occurrences of page refreshes, another plugin conflict. Then the same thing again with another plugin. It came to the point that the plugins that required to be turned off became too many and/or more important than the widget; so we had no choice but to do away with the widget. We are trying the Events Page with the search criteria at the top. That appears to work, but lacks the intuitiveness of having the widget on a sidebar.
    If it is a CSS problem, any ideas on what to look for when comparing the style sheets? And determining which style sheets it may be? Given that so many other plugins are in contention, I would think that if it is a CSS conflict, it would be between one of the style sheets of the theme and any relevant CSS in your plugin specific to the widget. Or, and I may be wrong since I don’t have an intimate understanding of your widget, would it possibly be a conflict with the CSS specific to a number of other plugins? (Which statistically I find a very remote possibility.)

    Plugin Author Marcus


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    Try using something like chrome developer tools to inspect the elements and see if there’s a calendar HTML in there, if so you can determine what CSS is hiding the calendar.

    Do you have an example link?

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