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  • Hello, I just upgraded from 4.305 to Events Manager 5.0.51 on a site – all seems to have gone well, except the breadcrumbs have changed for some reason when accessing individual events? Nothing else has changed.

    Here is a page in question:

    I’m using Yoast Breadcrumbs on the site, all other page breadcrumbs are still displaying correctly. As well as the main events listing page, which is under Contact Us / Upcoming Shows. However, when choosing a single event, the breadcrumb then changes to Latest News / Single Event. (Latest News being the sites blog posts.)

    The breadcrumb path should have remained Contact Us / Upcoming Shows / Single Event to allow users to back out.

    I’ve checked the permalinks in the WordPress settings and resaved them as mentioned in the 4 to 5 upgrade instructions for Events Manager. I’ve tried checking the new permalinks options available in Events Manager to see if I could effect it, but no luck.

    It’s effecting all pages that have the new Events Manager Pages / Permalink Slugs. Any thoughts on what would be causing this?

    Thank you for any insight.

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  • It’s actually force inserting those new permalink slugs into links inside widgets that are linking to pages inside the site. Even with full paths used – so, a link that should be going to

    …is instead now linking to which, of course, throws a 404 since that page doesn’t exist.

    Any way to disable the new permalink slugs entirely? I tried deleting them and leaving them blank, but EM is inserting defaults in their place.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    EM and Yoast breadcrums on the SEO plugin definitely do work together (seen this on a few sites), could it be your theme or site settings?

    you can set the permalink slugs via settings, but you can’t disable them, you need these for taxonomies to work.

    Hi Marcus,
    Thanks for the reply. I believe you that it should work, they were working together correctly on this site too, until after upgrading to EM 5. And, the only pages that are showing the breadcrumbs incorrectly are the EM pages. Any thoughts what settings would be different that would cause this?

    Permalinks on the site are just postname. Then, using the auto suggested slugs in the EM settings.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    It could be that before you set it up so it ‘looked’ correct, but now it’s ‘correct’ in terms of WP and how it should work. Could some of the settings in Yoast’s plugin help change the look of those back to the old way?

    No, I tried resaving the permalinks in the WP admin, and checking the available options in Yoast’s plugin.

    I hear what you’re saying, but every other page on the site is still correct, except for the EM pages. You can see for yourself at the link in the first post. It doesn’t make sense.

    Same goes for links used in the sidebar widgets on any EM pages (which I’ve removed now), since those links were incorrect as well, even though they are correct on all other pages of the site. (The second post above).

    There’s got to be something about the way that EM is working that’s causing it.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    I see what you mean, it doesn’t make sense it shows ‘latest news’ it should show ‘events’. could you test out the 2011 theme to see if it does this on there?

    as far as I’m aware, Yoast’s plugin handles custom posts properly, maybe your theme is doing it?

    I’m having a similar problem. Did you figure this out? Thanks, ~Kathy

    No, still have not.

    I just fixed it (I think… seems to) using Breadcrumbs NavXT. The latest version appears to read custom post types.

    Although now my pages editor is wonky now. Let me know if you want me to post my progress.

    Yes, thank you, if you don’t mind. I’m using Yoast Breadcrumbs. It’s working for other custom post types, just not Events for some reason.

    Even the Yoast plugin was working as it should until the last Events update.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    Try his SEO plugin (which has breadcrumbs), he hasn’t updated the single breadcrumbs plugin in a while, and it’s not 3.x compatible supposedly.

    Works ok for me.

    I’ve gotten this to work. I don’t know if all of this is important or not, but here we go.

    (I want my calendar to show on a page I created, so I had previously created Calendar of Events.)

    1. I went into Settings>Permalinks and hit save to just to be sure. I have a custom one of “/%category%/%postname%”

    2. In Events>Settings under Pages(tab)>Events List/Archive(expand), I have my Events Page set to Calendar of Events. (May correspond to Upcoming Shows for you?) This page is showing my calendar.

    3. I found an unused Events page. I can’t remember if I made it or if the plugin generated it. I trashed it.

    4. In Events>Settings under Pages(tab)>PermalinkSlugs(expand), I resaved those (I have mine set to calendar-of-events.)

    5. In Settings>Breadcrumbs I set the following:
    Anchor text for home page: Home
    Anchor text for the blog: left empty
    Show category…: left unchecked
    Show Parent Page for Blog posts: Calendar of Events
    Nofollow the link to the home page: checked

    6. I went into Plugins>Installed Plugins and clicked edit under Yoast Breadcrumbs. In breadcrumbs/yoast-breadcrumbs.php, I took the separator out of line I think 211 or something like that. $bloglink = $homelink.’ ‘.$opt[‘sep’].’ (Because I was getting
    “Home > > Calendar of Events > EventName”)

    I don’t know if any of this will help you, but there you go. Good luck…

    FYI – Yoast SEO worked too, but it was blanking out my admin screen with a fatal error (a file size or memory thing I figure), so went back to the Breadcrumbs plug-in.

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