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    We’re loving this Calender!

    We have two relatively small issues.

    1. When I first installed the plug-in, we had another calendar running, so I changed the page slugs to “testevents”. After deciding to use your plug-in, I removed the other calendar, and changed the slugs to “events”.

    Now, the event detail links are correct. However, the More link in Weekly view still shows “testevents”. I’ve even edited the slugs in the database, and after loading the calendar page, the values are resetting to “testevents” in the database.

    I’m really scratching my head on this one!

    2. When we first load the calender, using the fullcalendar shortcode in a page, some of the events are missing. Changing to Weekly view, then back to Daily, shows all of the correct events for that day. This is entirely reproducible.

    We are also using WP-Fullcalendar for the formatting (and thanks for this – it’s great).

    You can see the default Daily view here:

    If you get a moment, please take a look and see if you can offer any advice.



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  • 1. did you try to re-save permalinks at wp settings > permalinks

    2. I tried this one and everything seems to be working fine; could it be a plugin or theme conflict?

    Hi – thanks for your reply!

    1. Yes – one of the first things I did. This is really driving me crazy!

    I may try an options reset after saving everything 🙂

    2. Doubtful, as the other events are showing fine, and all events show fine when clicking the day view. It’s only the initial load that has any missing entries.

    2. did you try to make month as the default view?

    No, because that won’t meet the needs of the website. We need to show Day view as the default.

    sorry didn’t mean that, it’s just to test whether everything will be perfect on first load using the month view?

    This is getting deeper.. We have an event titled Morning HHS Hour. It’s a recurring event, scheduled every weekday at 9:00am.

    It’s not showing up in weekly view every week day, only on Monday and Wednesday. There are no conflicting events scheduled at 9:00am.

    And in Month view, that same event shows up on different days depending on the week. I have recreated the events a few times.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    1. the more link works for me….did you manage to fix it?

    2. you have quite a lot of events so it’s hard to tell what’s repeated. Do you have two example events that are duplicated (i.e. name, time, day, month) so I can find it?

    Hello Marcus,

    Thanks for helping with this!

    1. Yes, I was missing the page itself. Pretty silly error.

    2. Of course, when I look now (Sunday my time), the issues described above can not be replicated. I’ll try tomorrow morning and tomorrow night in case there’s some time zone conflict (I’m GMT +8, the site is GMT -8).

    I did notice one other problem that I can replicate right now.

    If you choose a category, all of the events show up in the “All Day” row. From this point on, until the page is reloaded, all events in Day view are in the All Day row, even when you change to All Event Categories, or switch between Week and back to Day, or change days, etc. It resets when I reload the page, which is defaulting to the Day view.


    Again, thanks for your help with these apparent issues. It’s very much appreciated.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    are these events all-day events? I’m assuming not, if so it’s a bug I’ll look into.

    That’s the thing – none of our events are all day. They all have specific hours set.

    BTW – I changed the defaultView to agendaWeek, though that really shouldn’t matter for this issue. I made the change in wp-fullcalendar.php.

    Would you like a login to our site?

    Hey – I received permission from my client to upgrade to Pro. Would you like to continue the conversation in the other forum?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Probably better, since I’m on there more often. I’ve noted this down anyway, but I notice one thing, did you modify the script to show the hours on the side of the page? If you see the demo page, this isn’t a problem because there’s no hour listing on the side.

    I intend to add this anyway, but I guess this wasn’t accounted for originally.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    oops, I forgot you just mentioned that you modified the script 🙂 regardless, I intend to add that feature asap and would also fix this bug with times returned.

    I didn’t do anything to the code, other than to change the default view to agendaDay, then to agendaWeek.

    That must be coming from wp-fullcalendar, if it’s not part of your code.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    yes, it’s here –

    I’ll be adding this feature asap and will make sure the all-day bug doesn’t happen.

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