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    I had 4 single events with different date (2 events for 1 day and 2 events for 2 days, a weekend).

    I have 5 recurring events with 60 times at all (5*12, til April every week the same 5 events).

    I dint know exactly when, maybe 1 week after i posted all the events i made some change in all recurring events. And 1-2 days after i checked my events and single events got lost. One of the single events was posted by someone else with bookings. And even bookings got lost with the events.

    The recurring events still there. Ah one more thing, the locations what were made for the single events exists, they are still there.

    I checked the database but only recurring events there, no sign of the single events (except the locations table, where i found the single event locations)

    I know, i must make events again, and apologize for the lost bookings, but i dont want this kind of malfunction again. Any idea why this happened or what happened?

    Thanks, Peter

    P.s.: Im the admin of the site 😀

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


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    Hi Peter,

    No idea why this would happen. There’s been one other person with a complaint like this, but I haven’t been able to reproduce this at all.

    The ONLY time events get deleted (by EM) like this is when you edit a recurring event, however, it will only delete events with a recurrence_id matching the event id of the recurring event you’re editing.

    My suspicion is that somehow your records are assigning recurrence id fields to the wrong events, an then they get deleted. Not sure how, but that’s the only thing I can think of.

    Thank you, so i will delete all the recurring events and hope wont be any problem 🙂

    I love this plugin as it does exactly what I want it to. However, I am tearing my hair out because of this same problem so am unfortunately close to having to remove the plugin and try another solution!

    Over a week ago I had added quite a few individual events as well as some recurring ones. Last Tuesday I notices that all the individual events had disappeared even though we hadn’t yet reached the event dates. All of the recurring events remained though.

    Hoping this was just a one-off glitch I re-entered all of the individual events last Wednesday and they remained on the site all over the weekend. Today however, I notice that they have all disappeared again!

    They also don’t appear if I search in ‘all events’, ‘past events’ or ‘future events’.

    This issue has been raised by a number of users now so could the developers please do something to resolve it properly. I would love to but the Pro version for the added functionality but can not now do that until the basic plugin works properly.

    I would be happy to work with the developers if they would like to suggest anything to try to resove this for myself and other users too.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    Firstly, ‘Disappeared’ can mean a few things. You need to check two places to confirm if they are just ‘missing’ or were actually deleted:


    There should be record for each event in both tables. You can locate the corresponding post ID from wp_em_events post_id table. Are they gone from there too?

    The only thing I could suggest is everyone post their plugins here, specifically backup related plugins or plugins that mess with your file system.

    Maybe hosts might help, very few people have this, so there must be a common denominator somewhere.

    Hi Marcus,

    Thanks for the reply.
    Looking in wp_em_events there are only the recurring events and none of the individual events.

    I don’t have a wp_events_posts at all! The only wp_em’s I have in the list are:


    I have wp_posts but assume that is different.

    I have quite a few plugins but here’s a list if it will help:
    Adsense-Deluxe, Akismet, Bunny’s Technorati Tags, Facebook Social Plugins, FasterIM Opt-In, Get The Image, Google XML Sitemaps, Jerome’s Keywords, PubSubHubbub, RSS Footer, SH-Autolink, Smart Youtube Pro, Subscribe Me, WordPress Database Backup, WordPress Firewall, WordPress Google+1 Button, WP-Generic Footer, WP Admin Bar2, WP Head, WP to Twitter.

    Does any of that shed any light on anything?


    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    sorry, typo, i mean wp_posts

    i need to compare plugin setups, but the backup plugins raise a red flag.

    Hi All,

    First off, thanks Marcus for the reply on FB. Overall I think Events Manager does a great job; I’m test driving and hopefully if all goes well, I’ll become a pro!

    Here’s the sequence of event of how my single events disappeared. (I’m using the most recent version of EM)

    ~ I added an event with a title in ALL CAPS (that was what did it, I think, because I later saw in another forum string how that can be deadly). All single events and their bookings stopped showing up.

    ~ I checked my database and all the single event information and bookings were lost.

    ~ I made that change suggested here:
    That is,
    — in /wp-admin/includes/upgrade.php line 1471, I changed
    — “$cqueries[trim( strtolower($matches[1]), ‘`’ )] = $qry;” to
    — “$cqueries[trim($matches[1], ‘`’ )] = $qry;”.

    That may have corrected the problem moving forward but didn’t bring back any single events.

    ~ Like the user above, the locations were saved.

    ~ I learned how to back up my database. Duh.

    And just an FYI about me: I am a tech savvy French teacher, but that’s it. So there’s been a HUGE learning curve for me here! Thanks to everyone who supports these forums, esp. Marcus with his quick replies.

    Hi Marcus

    Just wanted to say this is a great plugin!

    I lose single events whenever I enter an event for more than one day. I still retain all locations, but the single events just disappear.

    I do not use a backup plugin and I am running WP 3.3.1 w/ Revolution Church Theme.

    Now I still have an events category set up under posts which I had before adding EM. I am not sure if that is a problem or not.

    Would like to fix problem so I can go PRO!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    could use some more info, specifically :

    The only thing I could suggest is everyone post their plugins here, specifically backup related plugins or plugins that mess with your file system.

    Capital letter names or multi-day events can’t have any effect on this.

    @atlantagatoday does this happen to you reliably i.e. each time you try to add an event? if you or anyone can repeat this reliably, I’d not mind having a look and hopefully figure out the issue.

    Also had this happen. It was immediately following adding the calendar shortcode to a page, but I cannot image why that would be related.

    We seem to have the same issue: We aggregate a lot of events and we haven’t been tracking what was entered outside the website, so we’re relying on memory to know what has disappeared.

    We’re using the latest versions of WordPress and Events Manager – updated to EM 5.1.1 today. Our plugins:

    Akismet, Better Delete Revision, Contact Form 7, Contact Form to DB Extension, Events Manager, Events Manager Category Widget, Google Analytics Dashboard, Google Analytics for WordPress, Media File Sizes, Official StatCounter Plugin, PayPal Donations, Redirection, Revision Control, Tweet Like Google+1 and Share, WordPress Database Backup, WP-Polls, WP Autoresponder.

    I have disabled the backup plugin, and we’re keeping closer watch for missing events.

    The plug-in is great, and we look forward to tracking down the problem.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    that’s two people with “WordPress Database Backup”

    anyone else?

    I back up my database manually through my host provider, not through WordPress.

    you can definitely take a look at my site
    it happens only if I add a recurring event which I won’t do anymore

    Akismet,Category Order,Reveal IDs,WP Security Scan, WP No Category Base,
    XML Sitemaps, WordPress Editorial Calendar,WP, WP Email Capture,
    Shareaholic | email, bookmark, and share, pageMash,Google XML Sitemaps,
    KB Robots.txt, Events Manager 5.0.50, Contact Form 7, All in One Adsense and YPN, All in One SEO Pack

    Let me know what else you need!

    I confirm that it is conflicting with WordPress Database Backup.

    I deactivated that plugin, did a test event and it showed. It stayed there when I activated the backup again.

    The posts I did after upgrading and with the backup activated are in the database but refuse to show, even when I deactivate the backup plugin

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