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  • There’s alot of tutorials here that can help you do that

    Also you can add action and filter hooks to do that.



    Hello agelonwl,

    I forgot which Events Manager version that I was using, and that now I already upgraded to Event Manager Extended, this User profile link/URL setting is actually possible with certain placeholders #_CONTACTPROFILELINK & #_CONTACTPROFILEURL but unfortunately only when BuddyPress enabled.

    Thank you for the help!

    Events Manager and Events Manager Extended are two different plugins.



    I have tried them both. It’s not that different from the look. Only the ‘extended’ version is improved with more features.

    I can not upgrade from Events Manager (EM) to Events Manager Extended (EME) it is true. So what I said previously was my mistake. I needed to disable/un-installed the EM in order to run the EME plugin.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    extended isn’t an improved version of EM, EME is based of EM 2.x whereas EM has been rewritten a few times since then.

    due to the fact the EME uses some EM code, it conflicts, so you can’t activate both together.

    hopefully Franky will change the name soon to avoid confusion.



    EME is not an improved version of EM ~ but EME is based of EM.

    ~ noted!

    so why do you have to enable buddypress to link to the authors page of an event..??
    or could this be solved on another route?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    could be solved by another route, e.g. with a shortcode like [events_list owner=x]

    hi marcus, thanks for the quick reply

    could you get a bit more specific, please?
    i tried
    <a href="[events_list owner=#_CONTACTUSERNAME]">#_CONTACTUSERNAME</a>
    but that pulls out a list (guess you picked the wrong shortcode)
    so i tried [event owner=#_CONTACTUSERNAME] but that wouldnt pull out a link or anything similar neather.. so i searched a bit more but i couldnt find any proper combination / value.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    where are you trying to do this? you can’t use placeholders within a shortcode.

    what you’re doing there is listing events, not building a link. x in my example assumes you know the user you’re generating the list for.

    BP automatically has an author/member section, so it’s easy for EM to set up and hook into. You probably want to build a user profile page somehow and output the events with this sort of shortcode or the equivalent php e.g.

    echo EM_Events::output(array('owner'=>x));

    where x is the user id.

    hi marcus

    thanks for your help.

    im inside of the settings of EM. on the Default single event format i want to pull out a link to the author of the event. each event author is also an wp-author on the page and posts its very own events..

    Plugin Author Marcus


    well, if you check your author url structure, you could create a normal html link and use #_CONTACTUSERNAME as the username, e.g.

    but that would pull out the username, not the users slug.
    i have a user called “Ben 51”, its slug is ben-51, and your solution would pull out 51/ what would end up in 404.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Have you tried the other placeholders here –

    Are you sure you’re using the above placeholder? this shouldn’t be a full name, it should show the actual username.

    if your user urls use slugs and not usernames within the url, ylu’d have to make your own placeholder e.g.

    user_name != user_nicename 😉

    thanks marcus for pushing me in the right direction. here is my filter that replaces #_JNZCONTACTURL

    function jnz_author_url($replace, $EM_Event, $result){
    	global $wp_query, $wp_rewrite;
    	switch( $result ){
    		case '#_JNZCONTACTURL':
    			$replace = $EM_Event->contact->user_nicename;
    	return $replace;

    remember: this “only” pulls out the slug, not the complete url


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