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    Hi there,

    I’ve just noticed a bug with recurring events.

    If I set an event to recur every week on Sunday and the first event to occur this month, the recurring events within the current month are fine, but once November hits all the recurring events shift to being on Saturday.

    I then tested starting a recurring event in November and this issue did not occur.

    I am guessing that this issue is caused due to daylight savings settings – the WP installation on which I am working has timezone set to “Dublin”.

    Perhaps the plugin needs to take something into account on that front?


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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    Someone had a very similar problem with daylight savings recently, however it turned out to be related to another plugin or changes made by a developer, could you verify that?

    When testing, DST is taken into account (e.g. when passing Nov 6 things still show on the right dates)

    I haf tghe same problem last year, and I get the same behaviour this year too. If I now (august 18) schedule an event to recure every sunday from september 9 until some day in 2013, scheduling work fine up to and including october 28, but then it shifts one day and occurs on saturdays instead starting from november 3. The same applies ikf I choose another weekday – tuesdays become mondays and so on… starting from november.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    are you on the latest version? that was fixed a while ago

    Today I upgraded to version 5.2.1 – I still get the same effect. It looks like an extra day (not hour) is added as compensation for DST.

    Another test show that if I create a new series of recurring events they are scheduled OK, but if I then change something and publish it again the scheduling is wrong, in the same way as I described.

    there is an event “Events Manager test” that shall occur on sundays illustrating this. The start date was changed and after re-publishing the event it looks like this (occuring on saturdays from nov 3).

    Hi again,
    Notice also that after 2013, March 31 the bookings for “Events Manager test” are back on sundays again.

    Could the error be related also to the date and time display format selected in WP?

    I tried your site and “Events Manager test” is 26 Maj 2013 - 12:00 till 14:00 Events Manager test

    Hi aglonwl, I do not fully understand your comment.
    I have created the “Events Manager Test” as a recurring event, from 12:00 to 14:00 every sunday until december this year, and everything looked fine.
    Then I prolonged the period so that it shall occur every sunday from august 26 2012 up to and including may 26 2013. Then the day was shifted from sunday to saturday in the period nov 3 2012 to march 30 2013, which coincides with the DST period.
    The clock-time for the the recurring events stay at 12:00 to 14:00, which they should.
    The best way to check this is to navigate using the Calender (“Kalender” in Swedish”) at the right side of the page, near the bottom. Moving the mouse over the dates shows which events that are present, and clicking on the date brings up details for those events.

    All the events in the calendar has the same problem, so it is easy (by navigating month by month) to see when the saturdays (l for “lördag”) are highlighted instead of the sundays (S for “söndag”).

    I can live with this problem, but it feels a litle awkvard to hae to enter all the info about for each event 3 times (before november, november to march and after march)

    I tried the same thing out on a another site: .

    This is a new WP installation, with only two plug-ins, that comes automatically with the WP-installation (Akismet and Hello Dolly). These are not activated.

    I installed “Events Manager 5.2.1” and performed a minimum of settings.

    I then created Event_test_1 that was only published once and it worked OK as expected.

    I Created Event_test_2 the same way, but after publishing I performed a change of teh scheduling – I prolonged it a month. And then I checked the result.

    It turned out that everything seems to work OK on this site.
    Does anyone have an idea on what may causing the error on the failing site?

    The plug-ins that are installed on that site is:
    Akismet – active
    Batch Cat – active
    Events Manager – active (of course)
    Fast Secure Contact Form – active
    Fullscreen HTML editor – active
    Get Post List With Thumbnails – active
    Hello Dolley – inactive
    HTML import 2 – active
    Mass Page Remover – active
    Post List – inactive
    Redirection – active
    SI CAPTCHA Anti-Spam – active
    User Access Manager – active
    Vice Versa – active
    W4 Post list – inactive
    WP Events Calendar – inactive
    WP Login – active
    WP Mobile Detector – active
    WPtap Mobile Detector – inactive
    XCloner – active

    Is it possible that any of these plug-ins can have an impact on Events Manager? I am not so familar with WP-coding structure can name-conflicts for funtions be an issue. I Tried WP Events Calendar first, but then I found Events Manager that did the job I needed. Can WP Events Calendar (although it is inactivated) cause the problem?

    Continuing tests…
    I have now uninstalled and removed the WP Event Calender files. – Did not help.
    I Have also uninstalled and removed all files for Events Manager and then reinstalled Events Manager. – It did not help.
    But by accident I found a workaround:
    – First I edit the event data as I want them and publish the recurring event.
    – If the dates get shifted during nov-mars I go to the summary list of the Recurring events in the admin panel. I then select “quick Edit” and change the status for the event to “Draft” and then select “Update”.
    Then I select “quick edit” again, set the status to “published” and select “Update”.
    Then the event is rescheduled correctly.

    Its a tough way to do it, but in this way I can correct typo-s in the description without having to build the event from scratch, risking new typo-s, or other mistakes.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    Have you tried deactivating to test if it’s a conflicting plugin? I don’t know a few of these so couldn’t tell you.

    Also, do these times shift absolutely everywhere, e.g. even in the admin area when viewing your lists of events?

    Tried this out and works fine for me.

    Hello Marcus!

    The day shift occured in all places – user events calendar, user event-pages and in admin page(for single events).

    It still did not work after installing Events Manager 5.2.2

    BUT!!! – after successive inactivating of all other Plug-Ins it finally started to work.
    Now I have activated all the plug-ins but one again and it still works.

    The incompatible Plug-In was “WP Mobile Detector” version 1.7.4. – Surpricingly enough – this plugion shall reformat pages so that they fit on Mobile Phones and SmartPhones…

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