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    When I set up a recurring event — e.g. a weekly event — the recurrences appear in a nice list on the Events page as expected. However, when I click on an individual link for one of the recurrences, I get a 404 (Page Not Found) error.

    From browsing the support forum for Events Manager, it seems that recurring events do not have an events page — is that right? If so, what is the recommended way to link each instance of a recurring event to a description page?



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  • hi,

    can you provide us a sample link? also, can you try to re-save your wp permalinks (e.g. choose default permalink > save then back)?

    I’ve tried the permalink suggestion a couple of times already (it was in the Troubleshooting docs). Even when permalinks are set to default, the recurring events’ individual page link is 404.

    Site is currently on a non-public server, so I’d prefer not to link to it here. I realise that makes it more difficult to troubleshoot … do you have any other suggestions?

    I understand, can I know what is your server? e.g. iis

    Sure, it’s Linux-based. From my cPanel:

    Apache version 2.2.22
    PHP version 5.2.17
    MySQL version 5.1.54
    Architecture i686

    Plugin Author Marcus


    recurrences are single events too, the recurring event template is a different CPT that gets duplicated and created like a normal post.

    What if you try re-saving a specific recurrence, or click the “view post” link?

    Also, without disclosing the domain, what’s your event url path that’s 404ing?

    Sorry for the delay in reply; I still haven’t resolved this problem.

    I tried re-saving the recurring event, and also trashing it and creating a new one. Still the same problem.

    On the recurring event edit page, it says I can edit individual recurrences from the events edit page. However, the events edit page does not list any of the individual recurrences, so I cannot see how to edit them.

    My test settings are: weekly event (every Wednesday), from 1 June 2012 to 1 June 2013. The event title is “Weekly workshop”. From the recurring event edit page, if I hover on “View post”, the link says it will go to:

    But when I click on the “View post” button, it redirects to

    i.e. the first recurrence within the defined dates (but note that this is in the past). But this page results in a 404 error, as do all other recurrences listed on the events index page (i.e.

    Note this is not due to any custom theme. The same problem occurs using the default Twenty Eleven theme.

    I have done more testing and found there is a conflict with the WPML plugin. Deactivating the WPML plugin makes the recurring post pages display. Reactivate and the 404 error occurs. This is rather critical as the website I am developing must be bilingual, and WPML is the best plugin for that purpose.

    Is there any way I can help you to bugfix this conflict?

    In em-posts.php, in the definition of $event_recurring_post_type, I set 'has_archive' => true

    This has seemingly fixed the error. Can you see any problem with changing $event_recurring_post_type in this way?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    as far as I’m aware, there’s plenty of users using WPML without this problem. did you try resaving your permalinks when changing themes or deactivating other plugins? you’d need to do that with this sort of error.

    Im running into exactly the same issue. Unfortunatly has_archive => true doesnt fix it for me..
    Turning off WPML does but i kinda need it for the rest of my site ^^

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’ll test WPML again asap, it may be that changes to 3.4 broke something in between the two plugins

    Hi Marcus,

    I was wondering if you were able to test WPML again? It seems this issue still exists with the most recent versions of WPML (2.5.2) and WordPress (3.4.1).

    By the way, after upgrading to the latest version of WPML, WordPress and Events Manager (, the above has_archive => true hack no longer fixes things for me too.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Haven’t had a chance yet.

    If someone could post this in the WPML support site, I’d appreciate some insight from a developer on their side of things. Since it’s a 3.4 related issue they may save me some digging.

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