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    I would need help with privacy setting of locations/events.
    Can I set the privacy through the front-end when adding ? How ?
    In meantime, I am setting the privacy through the back-end.
    But private locations can still be seen in the locations list by unauthorized users, and used as location when adding new events !! Which I assume it is not normal.
    Did I miss something?
    Any idea to fix that?
    Thanks a lot

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  • currently, privacy can only be set through the backend; also, try to check settings > general > user capabilities to limit the access.

    btw, try use search attribute private or private_only –

    e.g. [locations_list private=0]

    Thank you for your help !
    I don’t know yet how to play with attributes but will start playing with that right away.
    I assumed it could helped me to avoid private locations to be displayed in list.
    But their use when creating events, it’s another story, isn’t it ?!

    Actually, my registered users, set as “authors”, can create events using private locations whereas I only allowed: delete_locations, edit_locations for the location capabilities!
    Do you agree there is something wrong?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    can still be seen in the locations list by unauthorized users,

    by unauthorized, do you mean users that are logged in but shouldn’t see the events, or guests?

    there’s a capability that might be allowing users to see these – read_private_locations

    Hi Marcus,

    By unauthorized users I meant “authors” who can just delete_locations, edit_locations.

    Actually, I sort this out for the location list : private locations are listed, but details are not displayed here.

    But those details are displayed in the corresponding event details page!!
    It’s not very logical, isnt’it !?
    Is there any conditional shortcode about locations privacy which could help to remove those details?

    Moreover, my main problem is:
    every user who just has delete_locations and edit_locations allowed can create an event using a private location, since all the private locations appear in the location list displayed in the event creation page!
    Is that normal?
    Any idea to remove those private locations from this list?

    Thanks a lot guys!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    If the event is not private then it’s assumed the location isn’t private when showing event details. I guess it depends who you ask, i think that makes sense 🙂

    r.e. the main problem, this could be a bug in our query logic… do these users not have the read_private_locations capability?

    Thanks Markus !

    In a way, I could make sense !!…;).
    Have u got a conditional shortcode somewhere avalaible for privacy?
    Like : if the event/location is private, then don’t display blablabla?

    For the main probleme, yes they haven’t got the read_private_locations capability.


    Plugin Author Marcus


    no, but good point, I’ll add that in the next update (or if time is short, will add on the following update)

    Hi Marcus,

    And have you thougth about the main problem: users who haven’t got the read_private_locations capability can use private locations !! ?


    Plugin Author Marcus


    yes, will look into fixing this asap

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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