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  • I’m using a map plugin (Geo Mashup) to display posts (including events) on a master map. As long as my events have the custom fields geo_latitude and geo_longitude this works great. The problem is that I have to input these manually for each event. It seems that there should be some way to use the location feature’s integration with Google Maps to automatically populate these fields for events that have locations. I have no clue how to do this though. Can anyone help? (To clarify, I do not want Events Manager “locations” showing up on the map. I want Events Manager “events” to appear on the map.)

    Alternatively, if I could get the Geo Mashup “Location” section to show up in the entry page for event-style posts, this would be another way to do it, though not as elegant. The section appears in normal posts, and it appeared in All-in-One Calendar posts (which I am no longer using) but it does not appear in Events Manager posts.

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  • If events are a post type, you might be able to check it in Geo Mashup’s “Collect location for” setting to get the location interface to appear in the post editor.

    Thanks. I think that might work.

    Well, it sort-of works: The Location interface appeared, but the map isn’t displaying. I also noticed, in the Geo Mashup settings, a setting called “Geocode Custom Field” I’m wondering if I can use this somehow to automatically collect the address from Events Manager.

    It also seems to break the Events Manager location feature. :-/

    I think the “easiest” solution will be to code Events Manager to add geodata meta fields (geo_latitude, geo_longitute) to the event posts. I’m sure someone knows how to do that. I know enough PHP to follow instructions, but not enough to code it myself.

    If Events Manager puts address in a single custom field, then Geo Mashup’s “Geocode Custom Field” could work – you’d enter the field name (the one that appears under Name in the custom fields area in the editor).

Viewing 6 replies - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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