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    Hi There,

    I created a page called “Schedule” that shows the list of events. I changed the permalink of the members page. And now, I am being shown “Page Not Found” when I click “Schedule”. This is strange, since the Locations page works fine. And I have tried updating the permalink structure already. But it only happens for this one page. Even if I went directly to an event (by putting in the url), it works fine.

    Any help would be awesome. Thanks.

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  • Kat


    Oh, also when I view the “Schedule” page, I am seeing this:

    This page corresponds to Events Manager events page. Its content will be overriden by Events Manager, although if you include the word CONTENTS (exactly in capitals) and surround it with other text, only CONTENTS will be overwritten. If you want to change the way your events look, go to the settings page.

    I have the same “Page not found” problem now on 4 different pages using the plugin.

    And here is another thread about the same bug:



    So, it looks like if I take off the parent from the “Schedule” page, it works.

    Weird. But its still not a great solution since I kind of would like to have “Schedule” under the parent page.

    I think it might be a hierarchy issue.

    If someone could figure out how to make this work, with keeping the parent page, that’d be amazing.

    Still no solution for this problem? Anyone?

    I am having the same issue – Page not found when Event page is a child of another page. Events page works if top page and also works if I use the default permalinks. The page was working for months before I upgraded.

    I tried disabling all other plugins and using the Twenty Eleven theme. Everything behaves the same on stripped down Twenty Eleven theme site – events page only works if top level page or using default permalinks. It also seems to be buggy. If I add a new subpage and assign it to the Events listing page, it will work the first couple times I hit the page but then start displaying Page not found.

    I am using WordPress 3.4.1 and Events manager 5.2.2.

    I figured out instead of selecting the Events Page under Events Settings -> Pages -> Events List/Archives you can use the shortcode [events_list] and it works.

    Does not work for me. I use WP 3.5.1 BP 1.6.4, see

    Two or more events on one day … page not found. If there is just one event, no issue, see

    Any ideas?

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    @per4mance, you can discuss that on your own thread.

    I thought it’s not necessary to open a new thread if the issue is similar. But I’ll do this, thanks 🙁

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    Sorry, but the discussion here ended 6 months ago.

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