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    I’ve just started working with event manager and I think its great! So many possiblities 🙂

    But but but… I’m really confused about in the:
    settings > booking options > ticket options > and the option “Show ticket table in single ticket mode?”

    My users have to book only one ticket at a time and seems like that option would avoid the dropdown (spaces) to appear.

    Im working on a newly installed wordpress
    Added registration for the default event “6 Nations, Italy VS Ireland”, set the price to 100 and spaces to 65
    All settings are default, exept for the ticket options: “Single ticket mode?” and “Show ticket table in single ticket mode?” which I changed to yes.

    The thing I want to accomplish is that the admin is only able to make 1 ticket for the users to register and the users should only be able to register for one space – not an option between 1-20 spaces.

    I might be missing some easy part somewhere, but I’ve spend hours looking for a build in way to make sure the users can only register as only 1 ticket.

    Thanks in advance 🙂

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  • Use the booking form short code it gives a drop down too 10 i think 🙂

    I think my little brain needs a little more explaining than that 🙂

    I really dont think that using the short code will change the way the single looks like?

    Still missing an answer 🙁

    try to set the min/max booking on each ticket then the Single ticket mode?Yes

    Where do I see min/max booking option?
    Is this option called as “bookings must order between”?
    I very much appreciate your help.


    it’s in the New/Edit Events Bookings/Registration > add/edit a ticket > Minimum tickets required per booking or Maximum tickets required per booking

    Thanks for quick reply, for some reasons I don’t see add/edit a ticket under booking/registration.
    I guess I am not using the same version as you do. I use event manager ver5.1.3.
    How ever I see option like “bookings must order between” and I guess it works the same way as you mentioned.

    Once again thanks for very quick reply.


    sorry, you are using single ticketing. You’re right it’s the same.


    try to set the min/max booking on each ticket then the Single ticket mode?Yes

    This doesnt work for me using latest versions. Did anyone ever find a solution for disabling the dropdown when there’s only one space available per ticket?

Viewing 10 replies - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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