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  • Other than not getting email notifications, the plugin is working just as I need it. I tried the default setting under settings->email. I tried these settings(this email is in my Google Apps):
    port: 465
    method: SMTP
    pw: ********

    I’ve tried my personal email but none of these has worked. Is there anything else I can try – this the last thing I need to complete to get this working.
    *for some reason when a booking is submitted the notice that it was submitted is no longer popping up –
    … when a booking is submitted, a user account does get created but the booking notification doesn’t show when the form is submitted and it doesn’t show in the back end

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  • Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    If you’re using Google Apps, try using the same suggested host settings as gmail. I think your host is wrong.

    I tried that as well – did not work either. I followed this as a guidleine

    Is it possible to turn-on WP_DEBUG to see if there’s any other error in your php log since you already tried several methods?

    I noticed that when I set the mail sending method to something other than SMTP I get the message that the booking was sent on the event page but I’m still not getting email notifications. Is there anything else I can try – my email is in my Google apps account and I tried GMail settings and followed Google’s recommendation as referenced above. Still not working. This is the only thing that needs to be fixed and I’ll be all set.
    You can see it in action here

    Thanks for any help.



    NetWebLogic Support

    chances are you have an admin mail with a domain that is set up to receive email within your server (even if you have MX values set to google), creating an internal redirect loop.

    SMTP via e.g. gmail would work because it’s hosted outside your server.

    I updated the plugin but not getting emails when someone registers and there is not ‘booking complete’ message when someone signs up. Any way that I can fix this?



    NetWebLogic Support

    are you booking with an admin account? If so, try with a normal user account. Dev version should fix this already.

    r.e. booking complete error, what is shown instead of the booking complete message?

    I did not login as admin account. There is no message at all – the ‘spinning wheel’ and then the page returns. The booking does get registered in the back end

    @ke vinritt

    found this error on your site;

    SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.
    jQuery17105659622734612714_1335348476810({"result":true,"message":"Booking successful. However, there were some problems whilst sending confirmation emails to you and\/or the event contact person. You may want to contact them directly and letting them know of this error."})

    also, just delete all the test bookings made :).

Viewing 9 replies - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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