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  • I just started to use Event Manager with my WordPress site. The last two events that I added have had a booking by a “non-registered user”. I have tried to figure out who this person is to figure out how this is occuring but have been unsuccessfull. My settings look correct. I have “Allow Guest bookings” = No. I just cannot figure out how someone is booking a reservation without being registered on the site. I have tried several times and each time in order to reserve a space I MUST log in.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    could it be you deleted the user?

    Nope, I have not done anything with the users.

    I am only allowing registration to occur the day before the event. The event in question is tomorrow. Sometime today, a “non-registered user” booked a ticket.

    Found out a little more information today. I finally managed to track down one of the individuals that registered as a “non-registered user”. They were logged in. But when they clicked on “send your bookings”, they received an error message related to the system not being able to sent e-mails. They then did not get their confirmation e-mail. However, I am not sure why they are showing up as a non-registered user in the bookings page.

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    Could be an error during your user registration… non-registered user just means that the user ID of the booking isn’t a valid user id i.e. user doesn’t exist

    I think to have the same problem! I tried to insert user id manually in db and in effect “Non-Registered User” becomes one of user!

    Did you solve? Or somebody has suggestions?!



    We did a clean install of events-manager today — on a new wp 3.3.1 install.

    We’ve been troubleshooting this problem, because we’ve been getting obscure errors relating to email — (we’re not receiving any admin emails pertaining to ‘pending’ reservations for approval).

    Basically when a logged in user attempts to “send a booking” for an event, they receive the following error (initially):

    Booking successful, pending confirmation (you will also receive an email once confirmed). However, there were some problems whilst sending confirmation emails to you and/or the event contact person. You may want to contact them directly and letting them know of this error.
    Errors: (only admins see this message)

    Please supply a valid email format.

    When this error comes up — the “send your booking” button is still active. Pressing it a ‘second’ time yields:
    Booking successful, pending confirmation (you will also receive an email once confirmed).

    Atwhich this point, the registrant receives their pre-confirmation email (however our administrators still do not receive a notification email).

    When we sign into the WP control panel — we see 2 bookings are pending now — one from a ‘Non-Registered User’ and the other from the actual user.

    We have ‘guest’ and anonymous registration turned off currently. But when ‘guest’ was enabled — the form behavior always worked and never gave the same error as with a regular ‘logged in’ user.

    However administrators didn’t receive pending notifications, but the registrant did.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    Can you check this with the latest version, and make sure that your email settings are correct? I’d advise trying gmail to be sure all mails are being sent properly.

    I’ve updated to to the latest event manager.

    I’m attempting to configure email settings with Gmail- but it does not seem to be working. I get the following error:
    SMTP Error: Could not connect to SMTP host.

    ERROR : Mail Not Sent.

    However – the behavior is still the same. When a user logs in and attempts to register for a booking – the 1st attempt creates a ‘Non-Registered User’ booking with that generic error (because there is no email address associated with their booking). The 2nd time they click the booking button, it works normally and now under the management console I see their username registered for the event.

    Don’t know why I can’t gmail settings working – I’ve verified that POP is enabled for the account. The server host is lunarpages, running php5 latest WP.

    The PHPMail seems to work fine — the user receives all of the mails showing their registration status. (We just don’t receive any admin emails notifying us.)

    Ok — did some more testing and I’ve determined that the ‘Non-Registered User’ issue is caused by some conflict with our theme. (Which currently is Gleam 1.1 from elegant themes).

    It’s a pretty heavy ajax / javascript theme.

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