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    Hi there,

    We got a major event coming up and specially now the event manager stops working for most users.

    Most users use normal browsers to subscribe, and they were all complaining about the event tregistration wich not working.
    They told me after submitting, the loading circle keeps going on and nothing happens.

    First i couldn’t reproduce the error, but after trying on my iphone and ipad i get the same error.

    Does anyone knows how i can fix this problem?


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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    probably caused by a php warning messing up the returned ajax info.

    could it be an email issue? make sure your email settings are correct in your EM settings, easiest way is to use WP_Mail (assuming your other wp mails work)

    Guys, you update to the latest versions to fast. this is a general issue for all plugins. Wait or at least test all functionality on a test system before rolling out the latest releases on PROD.
    I suggest, for the time being to revert to the last known good and working version of EM and wait on a parallel system for an update that resolves the issue.
    As it can easily be also an issue introduced by other plugins than EM, you should also list here the other plugins you used or that have been updated recently. They could also make other plugins, like EM, stop working.

    You particular case sounds like a Javascrpt library issue.
    – I assume it was working before with Mobiles ?
    – What theme do you use ?
    – What other plugins
    – What where the recent changes on your system since the last working booking ?
    – Is the system working again when you go a previous version of EM ? (what was the last EM version that worked ?)
    – …
    This makes it easier for Marcus to analyse the source of the issue and whetehr it is actually EM.


    Hi Tnx for your replies.

    We currently use: 4.171, that’s an old version.
    Probably better to update to 4.302?

    It worked fine 3 weeks ago. I’m currently testing the JS we use on the website.
    We actually didn’t update any plugin since 2 weeks, so it’s a problem what appearced for no reason i suppose?

    The only thing i can immagine is to update to the latest version?



    Yes, please try to update to the latest version first. And if you could post any error log (PHP or JS)

    Nice, I updated and I’ll let you know.
    I was awaiting to update because I was told better wait with it, don’t know why 😉

    Tnx for the help so far.

    Still happends with some people. It looks like a JS timeout or something.
    The link to the page is:

    Does anyone got the some problem when subscribing?
    There are no errors shown on my side (php or js)

    Now on chrome the page give me back some strage error’s on this page:

    Looks like the JQ callback is not working.
    Or the connection with quant.js gives get stuck -> is that an EM file?

    Hope this will give some more detailed info of this problem.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    looks like a quantcast file, that might be causing the issue.

    however, when trying to access /wp-admin/wp-ajax.php it shows a 404, which is why the ajax is failing, sounds like a bad wp install to me.

    Tnx. I’ll take a look at the quant.js file.

    The ajax file is probably not accessible because we closed the wp-admin with htaccess. But i suggest that plugins like EM are using files within wp-admin?

    After a few trial and errors i found that the wp-mail function was not working correctly (i changed that yesterday). After putting it back on php mail it looks like the form is working again.

    Still a strange bug in it:
    1. The form makes 2 subscriptions (2x ajax post)
    2. The confirmation screen is gone after a succesfull or failure subscribtion.

    Am i the only one with this ‘thing’ right now?
    Or is this the ‘beta’ of the no-use booking mode.

    About that part (no-use mode): It works great so far. Exactly what i needed. Tnx!

    Still the continu loading part apears on our customers browser:

    Do you got the same loading error after subscribe?
    Still 404 on wp-admin?

    Please help.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    hi, r.e. the wp_mail, it’s fixed in the dev version.

    the double submission might be a js error, you have a few on that page


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