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[Resolved] [Plugin: Events Manager] Map doesn't show when event was first submitted with a date mistake

  • The map feature is broken for events that are submitted through [event_form] with a date mistake on first try. Steps to reproduce:

    1. Fill the [event_form] information for a new location. Notice that the map is shown properly next to the address fields.
    2. Fill other information for the event if you will, but leave the date fields empty. Submit.
    3. You’re returned to the form containing exactly the same info (apart from the image field). Notice, however, that the map preview says “Location not found”, regardless of the correct address information.
    4. Add a date and Submit. Event is accepted.
    5. Go to event page. Notice the text “Map Unavailable” where the map should be.
    6. Go to location page. Notice the same: text “Map Unavailable” showing where the map should be.

    Workaround: When users report that something like this has happened with one of their submissions, go to edit the location, cut the location address, wait a few seconds for the map to re-orient, and paste it back. Hit Update.

    If at #1 you selected an already existing location, you’ll get the issue mentioned in #3, but not the later ones.

    I’ve also experienced other occasions where the map for a location was lost, but haven’t yet been able to pinpoint their cause. When you find a fix for the above, it’s good to see if it should be applied to more than one place in Events Manager code.


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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    will fix this, the location info isn’t lost, the map just isn’t loaded.

    Thanks. Yes, that is the case: only map isn’t loaded. The odd part is that the map isn’t loaded on any pages that show the location.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    that might be unrelated, if the front-end doesn’t show (and I don’t mean front-end edit forms) then it might be a conflicting plugin.

    It happens (as described above) on the [event_form], location page (frontend and backend) and event page (frontend and backend), only after the event was submitted with a date mistake and until the location address is changed (and thus reloaded) and then changed back to the correct one and the location then updated.

    When you got a dev version out that fixes this, at least partially, I’d be glad to test it.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’ll be adding a dev update or maybe even release tomorrow,, which should fix this.

    Looking forward to it.

    After upgrading to 5.2.3 (maybe already in 5.2.1, but not in I get the following with every event and location:

    1. When viewing an event, the map shows as should (#_MAP shortcode).
    2. On the wp-admin > edit event screen the map is not displayed, only “Paikkaa ei l√∂ytynyt” (Finnish for Location not found).
    3. On the EM edit event screen the event map is not displayed, just like above.
    4. When viewing or editing the location of the same event in either of the above ways, the map is displayed correctly.
Viewing 7 replies - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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