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  • Hello,

    I use your list of events on the chosen page on my site. Now I want to create a subcategory using your calendar as well. But I don’t know how to display your calendar. (In admin menu I can chose to display your calendar instead of list. But I want to have both – on separate pages.)

    Is there a shortcode like [ec_calendar] or something similar, I simply have to post in the page?

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  • Hi,

    please see this url for shortcodes and documentation


    Thanks – that was what I was looking for. [events_calendar] in particular.

    But: The calendar is the calendar from the sidebar widget, NOT the calendar I can choose from the admin-menu.

    So how can I display the big size calendar? Is there a shortcode for this?

    I also want to know how to display a large-sized calendar on a page in my site.

    [events_calendar category=”3″]

    This shortcode displays a tiny calendar however I want to display a large one instead.

    Try this shortcode:

    [events_calendar full=”1″]

    Works for me.

    I’m also using categories so I have:

    [events_calendar category=”11″ full=”1″]

    Thanks, works great!! Where did you find this shortcode? By trying?

    And is there a way to display all upcoming months with appointments/events? (Like “Nov 2011, Dec 2011, Jan 2012” below each other?) -> automatically and/or manually?

    By the way: The calendar is displayed wrong (far too much on the right side within the right sidebar) with firefox. With IE and Opera, it’s totally fine. So how can I fix this one?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    probably to do with CSS and your theme.



    that’s great!

    Any idea what shortcode to display a calendar of :

    1) Logged-in user – is it [events_calendar user] ?
    2) Current group (ie on a specific group page) – is it [events_calendar group=current]

    thanks 🙂

    Plugin Author Marcus


    for users, use owner=x
    2 isn’t possible, but good idea



    thanks Marcus!

    1) I’ve tested it for set integers (eg [events_calendar owner=1] and it works great!
    I am now trying to work out how to make it refer automatically to the current user (e.g. by inserting ‘bp_loggedin_user_id’ or similar into the shortcode, instead of ‘1’). I have begun to investigate php/shortcode widget plugins as a possible solution. Any suggestions/thoughts?

    2) Yes, would be good as groups could then have their own calendars displayed on their page. I think there was a plugin called Group Calendar that promised this functionality, but I don’t think it was delivered. I think it would be very popular if it worked.

    Thanks so much for an awesome plugin!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    1) you’d want to hook into something like em_events_get_default_search
    2) we’ll be working more on BP features in the coming months for sure.




    Encouraged by your guidance (in this and other forum posts), I believe I have found a solution. Being very new and inexperienced, I am proud of this! 🙂

    I created a new shortcode, and entered it into the functions.php file in my child theme template.
    This was a copy of the [events_calendar] shortcode in Events Manager’s em_shortcode.php, modified using the script
    which you mentioned in another post but which I as a newbie found hard to incorporate.

    Here is my shortcode:

    function em_get_mycalendar_shortcode($atts) {
    $atts = (array(‘owner’=>get_current_user_id()));
    return EM_Calendar::output($atts);
    add_shortcode(‘myevents_calendar’, ’em_get_mycalendar_shortcode’);




    …and now I humbly ask for advice on filtering the ical link generator to provide a link to the myevents_calendar of the logged in user…

    Thank you!

    Plugin Author Marcus


    sorry, didn’t get your question..



    Sorry –

    I wanted to know if anyone could advise on how to offer users a link to their personal calendars (ie the main Events Calendar filtered to only those events that they own).

    That way they can have their own choice of events synched to their phones etc and never miss anything 🙂

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