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  • do you have a sample link? this has been working fine on my test site using the latest version and dev version; can I know what version is this?

    also, this might be a theme/css? is where it can be seen at.

    it was working fine and im not sure at what part of editing it stopped working.

    what i find weird is that it’s showing the events fine however it won’t show the header/footer before/after the events loop, im editing everything through the backend of wordpress.

    did you check em settings > formatting > events > Default event list format header/Default event list format footer ? or your using a shortcode or a template file.

    i’ve done everything through formatting >> events (default event… header/footer). the default event list format is working just fine and is being pulled from the same place the default event list… header/footer are.

    i am using a (php) shortcode on the home page to pull the events, but would this affect the actual events page when the formatting is different and not being used on the events page.

    the header/footer were working fine and i can’t narrow down what caused it to stop showing.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    What are your event formats (head/foot/main)?

    could you paste them on pls

    for header/footer i only have random text. for the main i have…

    any suggestions? does the header/footer require a specific type of html. ie(table, etc)?

    still no luck w/ this, the site is suppose to go live tomorrow and i just can’t figure this out.

    i can’t figure out why the header/footer doesn’t work when the event coding does.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    works for me…. paste that into the main events list format, and added random text to the head/foot formats and it worked fine.

    ty for testing it, i guess now i’m looking more for the reason why mine isn’t working. as in what could cause my header/footer not to show up. i even made a custom page using the same code as a shortcode and the header didn’t show up. the header/footer was working fine, then it just stopped, not sure what code/change caused it to not be pulled in.

    could it be something in a php file of the template causing this?

    Did you modify or edited any of the templates? you might want to disable or rename this temporarily. Also, do you have any screenshots of your settings?

    I havent edited anything within the plugins files, i’ve done everything through the backend of wordpress. I ended up alleviating this problem by just using the short code and coding it into the page that way. However, even then it doesn’t display the defined header, only footer. I’m assuming it’s something in or not in one of my theme files.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    could also be bad html? i.e. early closing of a tag somewhere

    that could prevent content from showing.

    that’s possible as well, i would think if that was the case and something was preventing the header from showing up that it may also prevent the events themselves. I wasn’t using html in the header box. I think I may have deleted something from the template file from the theme i’m using. I ended up creating a new theme file for “events-page” and doing it via shortcode to get the results i desired. <3 the plugin and i’m sure it was something I did on my end, just was trying to find out what. I really appreciate all of the help, for sure.

Viewing 14 replies - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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