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    I use the free version on a couple of sites. On one, the #_EVENTGCALURL and #_EVENTGCALLINK work just fine, even with long descriptions of events. On the other, the only way to keep the link short enough to work is to shorten the event description (which isn’t really a good option for us).

    Is there a character limitation in the description to make the Google Calendar link/button work correctly? If so how much? (sad if this is the only option)

    Or, is there a way to limit the amount of the description that is being pulled over into the link so the emailed link won’t break and the button won’t fail? (better option)

    Thanks in advance,

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  • hi,

    have you tried to limit that using EM settings > formats/layouts > calendar format > iCal Feed Settings

    a) This isn’t iCal that we’re having this problem with; it’s Gcal (Google Calendar)

    b) Those settings are:
    iCal Title :: #_NAME – #_LOCATIONNAME – #j #M #y #H:#i
    iCal Limit :: 0

    …which to me seems that it’s pulling over the event name, location, date/time for this event. While this would allow unlimited future events, it’s not trying to bring those over in the link….just the full (and too long) description of the one event.

    seems to be working fine on my test site; do you have a sample link?


    If you Book a Ticket for this event:

    …once confirmed, the Google Calendar link will be so very long that it breaks and will not add the event to your google calendar. Ditto for the code that makes the button (since it still uses the same very long link).

    Plugin Author Marcus


    have you tried 5.2.1? I think this should fix the issue.

    Just got the notification it was available, tried it, and it did NOT work to solve the problem. The Gcal links (and button code) is still just as long as it was and breaks ~half way through the description of the event….

    I’m still waiting for an author / developer to respond. (like they said they would in the FAQ)

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’m still not getting this issue. Have you made any modifications to the plugin at all?

    Alternatively, if you could provide a link and also can you paste the exact HTML for an event description (use with this problem and I can try it on mine.


    No I did not modify anything. I’m just trying to use the tool as it’s presented. Like I said previously, this same thing works just fine in another site….even with some pretty long descriptions.

    There is a code (a plugin option) to put a Google calendar link in the email that confirms the guest attending the event. This keeps them from having to create a new appointment and personally set the date/time/location/description.

    The link that the plugin creates (from an event with a long description) is too long. It breaks. It won’t work. It’s ~2 times as long as the limit. The link it creates is several lines long in the confirmation email.

    If I shorten the Event description on the Event Post, the link works again, but then my guests are without all the details about the event.

    if you want to see how it works, you can RSVP for the event I linked to above and you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about.

    Again, WHERE are the people who wrote Events Manager?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    That’s me, so again,

    Alternatively, if you could provide a link and also can you paste the exact HTML for an event description (use with this problem and I can try it on mine.

    Marcus, My apologies. The site shows you as a “Member” not as a developer or owner of the Plugin.

    I don’t know how to give the code you are wanting. Once again,
    If you Book a Ticket for this event:

    The email it will send (once I approve your booking) will show you the insane link I’m talking about.

    I used
    in the body of the email.

    I’ve also tried
    with the same result.

    Here is what the link looks like in the confirmation email that is sent:

    …any ideas? Our event is today and no one was able to put it on their calendar. 🙁

    Plugin Author Marcus


    didn’t realize it was email, looking at your email, I’d say you should ditch the long url and use this:

    <a href="#_EVENTGCALURL">Link Text</a>

    I must admit, never tried the gcal link on an email but I’m pretty sure it should be ok.

    Make sure you’re sending emails as html (see your email settings) as well when doing the above.

    Tried that (which is similar to the button display that also fails) on the .3 version that updated today.

    Like I said before, I am able to do this same thing on another site running the plugin and don’t get any problems. [And for the record, the link works in both plain and HTML emails. The button is nice for people who get HTML.]

    Here is the error that Google returns:

    Can the code be corrected to only pull the first NNN characters of the description into the gcal link/button?

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