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  • Getting error in widget – did it get tested?

    WordPress database error: [Unknown column ‘event_contactperson_id’ in ‘field list’]
    SELECT event_id, event_name, DATE_FORMAT(event_start_time, ‘%e’) AS ‘event_day’, DATE_FORMAT(event_start_time, ‘%Y’) AS ‘event_year’, DATE_FORMAT(event_start_time, ‘%k’) AS ‘event_hh’, DATE_FORMAT(event_start_time, ‘%i’) AS ‘event_mm’, DATE_FORMAT(event_end_time, ‘%e’) AS ‘event_end_day’, DATE_FORMAT(event_end_time, ‘%Y’) AS ‘event_end_year’, DATE_FORMAT(event_end_time, ‘%k’) AS ‘event_end_hh’, DATE_FORMAT(event_end_time, ‘%i’) AS ‘event_end_mm’, event_start_date, event_end_date, event_start_time, event_end_time, event_notes, event_rsvp, recurrence_id, location_id, event_contactperson_id FROM tst_dbem_events WHERE event_start_date >= ‘2009-03-13’ ORDER BY event_start_date LIMIT 3

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  • Hi Anmari, which version of WordPress are you using?
    I am asking because I don’t get the error in my install. I have just tried a clean install on WP 2.7.1 and I everything seems to work fine. If you give me more details here or on the official support page I will try to sort this out.
    Sorry for the inconvenience, the plugin has been tested, but any setup has its own peculiarity, that is why user feedbacks and bug reports are so important.
    Davide from Events Manager

    Getting the same error, after doing a plug-in update on the Event Manager.

    using WP 2.7.1


    I didn’t realize it was beta until after reading your post on the official site, as the WordPress plug-ins page just says there’s a new version (albiet with the “b” for beta, but it’s easy to miss).

    Fortunately, I’d just backed up my database.

    But, I would recommend fixing the auto-update procedure ASAP or removing the update until you’ve done so, as I’m sure I’m not to only click-happy idiot out there.

    I am really sorry for the trouble the upgrade has caused.

    The WP repo system allows only to tag a ‘stable’ version; yet, if you don’t tag a new version as stable it’s never going to be presented to the users. The best solution would be a way to signal “hey people, warning!” in the auto-update button.

    I tested the plugin on my system and on a couple of clients websites, and didn’t get this error, but unluckily these are the kinds of error who pop out only after public betas.

    I am trying to identify the and fix all bugs.


    Add me to the list as getting this error. Using 2.7 and this was an auto upgrade. Is there a work around? This is on a community site and the users are going to get restless very soon.

    Hello folks,
    I have finally found the bug and fixed it, it was a stupid typo whiech prevented the column from being created. Now I am testing the 2.0b3 version, which I hope to release this afternoon.
    @ rfearns, if users get restless and feel the code is poorly managed, they can take the plugin, fix it and distribute it with another name; it’s on the GPL. But believe me, it takes work. I am doing my best, for free. Pressuring me is of little use.

    I didn’t mean to sound as if I was trying to pressure you. I thought if there was a work around the issue that I could use that while the fix was being worked on. And my users are old people, doing well to know where the on switch is……. All who use this plugin appreciate all your hard work. Given the number of those spazing when something goes wrong is a testament to its popularity.

    The eventcontactperson_id problem should be fixed in EM 2.0b3, just released. To solve the problem, automatically update to 2.0b3, deactivate and reactivate the plugin. This did the job in my simulations, hope it works in real case scenarios.

    Fix did indeed take care of the database error. However now my events are being displayed as

    18 Mar 2009 – 00:00
    Venice Theatre Performance

    And the maps are now green squares, but I’m thinking the may be because of the #_VENUE where the name of the place should be

    I figured out that the name of the placeholder #_VENUE had been changed to #LOCATION – is there any others? You really shouldn’t change variables from one build to the next – makes for a lot of extra work all the way around. I still have the green square where there used to be a map. Any ideas?

    RFearns, that has changed indeed. You should insert #_LOCATION, it’s in the docs.
    This was a change to 1.0 to 2.0, we have been giving a lot of thought about the venue > location issue, there’s a long sequence of mail between me an my tester discussing the issue. I am quite opinionated on design issues and I guess sometimes it’s better to push the change to the users.
    About the map, in the new version is loaded lazily, so I guess the javascript that loads the map doesn’t get loaded. In case you use Firebug, do you get any javascript error?

    No JavaScript errors. But what I am finding repeatedly is a path issue. For example the url to the wordpress stuff is “http:\\\cms\wp-content\………..” and your code is looking for “http:\\\wp-content\………..”. What file do you define the path in so I may fix it?

    For the record, I did read the docs as well as the change log. No where did I see it noted that any of the placeholder names had changed.

    Still have green boxes where the maps used to be, but I did figure out how to fix the path problem. I changed get_bloginfo(‘url’) to get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’) so that it works if wordpress is not in the root directory.

    Ok, got the maps back. Again it was using get_bloginfo(‘wpurl’); this time in the dbem_events.php. Still got a bit of tinkering to do; maps are beautiful on the admin panel but on the single event page, the streets and such aren’t displaying.

    I am getting the wrong times displayed on the single event page. No matter what timezone I enter every start and end time is displayed as 6PM

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