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  • Plugin Author Franky


    Hi all,

    version 4.0.2 of Events Manager Extended has been released. The next version has a new name, called ‘Events Made Easy’, version 1.0.0. In order to switch: deactivate ‘Events Manager Extended’ and download and install ‘Events Made Easy’, all your events will be converted to the new plugin.

    From the changelog:

    * Feature: added options ‘category’ and ‘notcategory’ to the shortcode [events_filterform], so you can choose to only show specific categories or exclude certain categories from the select box
    * Feature: all location placeholders can now be used inside events (those that make sense of course). In order to make a distinction among event and location placeholders with the same name, some have been deprecated (see below)
    * Feature: the end time can now be the same as the start time, so you can test on this to not show end date/time info (for eg. events without end)
    * Feature: each booking now has a unique bank transfer number for belgian transfers, the placeholder “#_TRANSFER_NBR_BE97” can be used in booking mails
    * Improvement: when adding a registration in the backend, you can now only choose from events that have RSVP activated
    * Improvement: when the setting “Max number of spaces to book” is empty, it is now ignored so unlimited number of attendees is now possible
    * Improvement/fix: price can be a decimal number as well
    * Improvement: make sure the Settings page can be reached if something is not correct with the security settings
    * Improvement: make sure the first event of an recurrent series is used to get the info from
    * Improvement: for location formatting, #_IMAGE has been deprecated in favor of #_LOCATIONIMAGE
    * Improvement: for location formatting, #_IMAGEURL has been deprecated in favor of #_LOCATIONIMAGEURL
    * Improvement: for location formatting, #_DESCRIPTION has been deprecated in favor of #_LOCATIONDETAILS
    * Improvement: for location formatting, #_CATEGORIES has been deprecated in favor of #_LOCATIONCATEGORIES
    * Improvement: for event formatting, #_NOTES, #_DETAILS and #_DESCRIPTION have been deprecated in favor of #_EVENTDETAILS
    * Improvement: for event formatting, #_CATEGORIES has been deprecated in favor of #_EVENTCATEGORIES
    * Improvement: the html header now only shows the event name, and not the whole single event title format string
    * Improvement: some rsvp info remains entered now if the user enters a wrong captcha
    * Improvement: updated German translation (thanks to Jorgo Ananiadis)
    * Improvement: locations are now also sorted alphabetically when using the eventfull option
    * Improvement: email body text can now contain qtranslate calls as well
    * Improvement: the paypal form now also shows that the registration was successfull
    * Improvement: the RSS feed now includes the pubDate field for each event (value is the creation or modification date of the event)
    * API change: eme_insert_recurrent_event renamed to eme_db_insert_recurrence (old function exists for backwards compatibility)
    * API change: eme_update_recurrence renamed to eme_db_update_recurrence (old function exists for backwards compatibility)
    * API change: function eme_db_update_event now takes the event_id as the second parameter (you can still use the where-array method directly, made it backwards compatible)
    * API change: function eme_email_rsvp_booking now only takes booking_id as the first parameter and the action as the second
    * Bugfix: attributes weren’t taken into account for the new email formats pending, cancelled, denied
    * Bugfix: the filtering threw an error when selecting multiple items
    * Bugfix: the attendee list didn’t return the correct number of booked seats
    * Bugfix: for the filter form, the selected items were not highlighted upon submit
    * Bugfix: true and 1 now work as value for the options full and long_events
    * Bugfix: array in hook eme_update_event_action missed event_id and event_author
    * Bugfix: typo: payed => paid
    * Bugfix: the widget update refused anything different than future, past or all for scope
    * Bugfix: number of events can now be 0 in the widget
    * Bugfix: attribute values were not sanitized
    * Bugfix: if the booked seats were 0, the pending screen wouldn’t show the booking
    * Bugfix: the capability for adding events in draft wasn’t working ok
    * Bugfix: when paypal was active, rsvp field validation results were ignored
    * Bugfix: ampersand character in event title breaks RSS feed
    * Bugfix: make sure that we apply the the_content filter only once

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  • Hi Franky,

    your event posts are Posts which are compatible for Sitemaps etc. or dont found the sitemapprograms the post ans catogories ?

    Kind regards


    Plugin Author Franky


    Errr … I don’t quite understand the remark?



    firstly, thanks for renaming your plugin, but the problem still persists i.e. confusing users (as above) because EME still exists.

    this comment above is an example highlighting my request….

    could you please rename this plugin to something else now to make it more obvious e.g. Events Made Easy – Old Version

    to prevent further confusion.



    btw, it’s just a case of renaming text at the top of your readme.txt file i believe and probably the plugin name value at the top of your entrance php file



    EDIT: Never mind! I realize you mean that there are still 2 projects listed, Events Manager Extended and Events Made Easy, and you’re asking that the original fork project be renamed. Gotcha. I’ll back out of this as it’s not my concern…

    Plugin Author Franky


    The renaming of the old plugin is completed.

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