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  • Hi

    for general events that are Global, I cannot chose “no location”.
    If you have an event like the Moon Eclipse, which is global, I am forced to use a Google Map location and valid address.

    Please make the location for an event >>optional<<


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  • I support this idea.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    we’re working on a no location option, but this would work for any mode, global or not

    Forget the global part. If that works for all events, I am happy!


    I would also LOVE this. Making the fields not mandatory would be perfect.

    Any idea when we can see this implemented?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    soon 🙂


    I would also benefit from this.. I run a radio show and right now it’s not possible to put our schedule in Events Manager since a location is required.

    The option to specify a URL as a location would be especially helpful, though not necessary.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    the current way to do this is just adding one location, call it what you want, and making it the default location. You could even use CSS to hide the location panels in the admin menus so users are none the wiser.

    If you then just dont add any location placeholders to your event pages then it will appear “locationless”

    this is why this isn’t a high priority feature, since it’s easily avoidable. we will add this however to make it more intuitive (but it’ll probably use a similar mechanism as above, just more automated)

    Maybe I am missing a point Marcus, but with your recent workaround, wouldn’t that be a permanent thing ?
    My goal was to have certain events not having a location, not all (“Removing the placeholder” / “hiding locations panel to all users”).

    I may have 5 locations in use all the time and irregular events that do not have a location (“EARTH”, but what to feed google with??)

    So, I don’t necessarily see this as an easily avoidable thing…

    But thanks for the plugin so far. Really useful!

    Yeah, I’m in the same position as Shonu. I was trying to figure out how to do something like this with conditional placeholders.. so, for example,

    if(location) then {

    But I couldn’t get it working and was never clear if this functionality is supported.

    Ideally– what would work best for my purposes is if there were event Types.. that I could lay out and style differently. My events with a location could then have the location, a map, driving directions, and a button to purchase tickets. My radio events could have a clickable URL, information about the guest and host, etc.

    Maybe I’d be better off just writing a custom post type with the fields that I’m looking for?

    Thank you!

    Is there a way to just simply make those fields for the location not required?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    when I implement this, it’ll be possible to do one or the other. For now the workaround would still work for your situations, as you can go on to select a situation if you just make no location the default.

    you could manually style using template files to check if the event location is your ‘no location’ and show appropriate info, or also create a custom conditional placeholder to check that (see the tutorials on the plugin site, the walkthrough covers it all)

    @trewknowledge no, but alternatively you can use drop down selection there, so users must create locations elsewhere and can only choose locations if that helps

    I love this plugin, it’s exactly, what I am looking for. However, I also have an issue with the “Location” options.

    “You could even use CSS to hide the location panels in the admin menus so users are none the wiser.

    If you then just dont add any location placeholders to your event pages then it will appear “locationless”

    I’ve tried blanking it out, and removing anything that had to do with location and it still told me I had to put in an address.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    do you have a default location set?

    I’d really like to see this feature implemented. Just wanted to chime in…

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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