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[Plugin: Events Manager] Events menu disappears from admin menu

  • After installing and activating Events Manager 5.0.51 on WordPress 3.3.1 in MultiSite mode, using a custom theme, the “Events” menu does not appear in the left sidebar of the wp-admin view.

    If I go to the Plugins menu and choose “Settings” from the EM entry in the list of plugins, I can get into the settings area and configure it. If I go to “/events/” on my site I can see the events calendar. However, I have no way to enter events or do any other configuration.

    I’ve figured out the issue, but don’t know how to fix it. I’m using the “Custom Content Types” plugin to create a custom post type called a “resource”. When I go into the “Menu” tab for that CPT, I can assign a value to the CPT so that it appears in the menu at a particular location. Here’s a screenshot:


    If I remove the value from this Menu box and save the setting, the Events menu appears in the navigation sidebar… but the “Resources” menu disappears. If I put any value back in the menu box (and I’ve tested with all sorts of values), then the Events menu disappears and the Resources menu re-appears.

    So there’s obviously some conflict going on between these two custom post types, but I haven’t a clue where to look next in terms of debugging this.

    Any suggestions for what might be going on here?



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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    what about when you disable the other plugin?

    have you tried this plugin with other plugins that use CPTs? It might be the other plugin that breaks other plugins, because we register CPTs using the wp api

    Good point. I haven’t tried disabling that plugin, primarily because I *need* the CPT that was created by that plugin. However, I’ll do some experimentation.

    Any suggestions in where to look about the menu display? i.e. what is building the menu?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    the menu is built in admin/em-admin.php

    I’d check to at least find out if another plugin is causing it.

    I had a similar issue and noticed that disabling the Magic Fields plugin brought my Events tab back in the WordPress admin. I’d really like to have both of these plugins activated, but I’m not sure how’d I’d fix Magic Fields at this point (I’ve updated to the latest version of both plugins).

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I’d check with magic fields, we just hook into WP’s admin menu API.

Viewing 5 replies - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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