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  • WP 3.3 – Multisite Network, Subdirectory install, BP 1.5.2 – all fresh installs

    Show stopper :
    Event Calendar Sidebar Widget links to completely wrong links instead of the event page.
    Location does not get saved, Location Geo-Map is not shown on event page

    Other problems:

    1. Event page not created by default
    “Uh Oh! For some reason WordPress could not create an events page for you “
    2. Messages like these persists unnecessarily :
    ” Events Manager is ready to go! It is highly recommended you read the Getting Started guide on our site, as well as checking out the Settings Page. Dismiss ” persists even after clicking settings page and saving settings
    3. Too complex array of choices for individual bloggers – let the admin/system make “intelligent” defaults with optional hiding of so many settings from the non-admin users
    4. Make a simple version that just let users add “events” on which other users can say “will attend”, “may attend”/”not attend”
    Move the booking and ticketing and all these to various flavors of the paid version of this plugin. Most of the users these days use FB facebook events, and the user expectancy is thus framed.

    Thanks for the great plugin.
    A demo link that showcases fully working WP 3.3 – Multisite Network, BP 1.5.2, events-manager.5.0b3 will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    what page does it go to instead?
    r.e. locations, any errors?

    1. Try creating one manually
    2. Does the ‘dismiss’ link not work?
    3. maybe in the future
    4. same as 3

    > what page does it go to instead?

    it goes to unidentified webpages

    > r.e. locations, any errors?

    Location maps are not saved and just not shown ( btw, they worked okay with 4.305 version.

    It will be really helpful and appreciated if you have a link to any actual site or demo site with WP 3.3 – Multisite Network && BP 1.5.2 && events-manager.5.0b3

    Thanks a lot for the help always. Our gratitude for this very useful plugin.

    Update :
    >what page does it go to instead?
    Enabling the Events side-widget first and then the Events Calendar side-widget seems to solve the problem.

    > r.e. locations, any errors?
    However regarding Location maps, they show while an event is being added/created BUT they do not show what was put when again one comes back to edit.
    On the individual event page “Map Unavailable” is the text that is displayed. Has anyone got luck with this? Any working demo with WP 3.3 + BP 1.5.2?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    i’ve got test sites that work ok with BP and WP 3.3. do you have any other plugins installed or changes you’ve made that might conflict?

    No other plugins. I am testing latest stable WP 3.3 Network/Multisite subdirectory install && BP 1.5.2 only.

    If you have BP 1.5.2 ( that is, the latest stable) and WP 3.3 can you please post a link to the test site with demo user and pw ( ordinary user)

    Thanks a lot for the help.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    Turns out it’s an issue with BuddyPress groups being de-activated, that’ll get fixed in the next update.

    We have local test sites, bur our demo site will probably remain as single install for now – (runs on v5)

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