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[Plugin: Events Manager] Event filtering not working

  • Hello,
    At least since version 4.16, perhaps even longer, the admin-side event filtering has not worked for us. You can view future events just fine, but every time you try to filter for Past events or All events, all it shows is a blank page. The recent updates have not fixed this issue, we are currently using version 4.212.

    Is anyone else having this problem and do you think it could be fixed? I’ll gladly provide any additional information you might need.


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  • can you post any PHP or JS error?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    have you tried disabling other plugins or your theme?

    also worth making sure you’re on a recent WP version too (< wp 3.1 has an issue with search)

    Unfortunately there are no JavaScript errors and I don’t have access to the PHP logs. I’ve tried disabling other plugins without luck. We are running WordPress version 3.2.1.

    Thorwik, try temporarily setting the WP_DEBUG option to true in your wp-config.php. It’ll cause the php errors to output to your page.

    Thanks for the tip. Even with debug mode enabled there are no errors displayed, just the blank page. The left side menus and website title loads normally, but other than that there’s nothing there.

    If the side menus and title load normally, then the page is not blank. 🙂 That makes a big difference.

    Do you get the “no events” message?

    Nope, no “no events” message.

    is it possible to post your website url with php debug mode is on?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    did you try testing this on the 2011 theme?

    I would have to open up a mirror site for test use then. The site is live and I can’t shut it down to the public without a very good reason. Do the active site theme really effect how the plugin administrator tools work / look?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    yes, bad themes can break any plugin (even admin-side). on a vanilla install it definitely works so you need to figure out what changes you made to wp to break EM.

    neat trick, go to Appearances and click ‘preview’, then navigate to the events page in that popup window in 2011 mode to see if it works. no theme changing necessary!

    There’s no problem on the actual events page. It’s just the admin-tool and you can’t access that through the theme.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    i repeat – bad themes can break any plugin (even admin-side).

    without trying that, you can’t be sure. event filtering definitely works.

    Strangely enough, I ran into this same problem today when we moved to a new server. It wasn’t happening only on past events, but when we showed future events (we have almost 9000).

    No php error was being displayed in the logs or with WP_DEBUG turned on. After a lot of debugging, it turned out the script was running out of memory.

    thorwik: EDIT: I will post the fix I came up with and put a link to it here sometime tomorrow.

    Marcus, we’ve had out of memory errors on all the listing pages because they pull all of the events from the database, when only 20 need to be shown on the page. I’ve had to rewrite both the admin listing function and all the events listings pages, to pass limit and offset to $args to get the events, and then remove those to get EM_Events::count(), which works much better. Any chance of this being refactored into a future release? I’ve searched around and noticed I’m not the only one who’s been running into out of memory issues with the plugin. 🙂

    Thanks for the report jazbek, I’m happy to hear the cause of this has been discovered. We have been using Events Manager for a long time and there are thousands of past events by now. It’s a good reminder to me as a developer too, to always add the sorting and filtering functions to the database queries and not just the UI.

Viewing 15 replies - 1 through 15 (of 18 total)
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