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  • are you using buddypress?

    No, I’m not using Buddypress

    did you try:

    global $EM_Notices;

    then something like


    No I haven’t tried anything yet.
    I am not a developer, so if things don’t work ‘as is’, I have no idea of what to try to get them working.

    I would have no idea where to even put the code you have suggested.

    Do I need to add some code somewhere or should it work ‘as is’?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    should work as is (for non-logged in users only). does it give an error say if you don’t add a location

    have you also tried disabling other plugins and/or using twenty ten?

    Yes, I get an error message if I don’t enter a location or leave out dates, etc.

    I’ll go and test on my ‘test’ site now to check other plugins and theme. Will let you know how I go.

    No, still doesn’t work.
    I’ve deactivated all plugins and using Twenty Ten, but still no Success Message.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    for now, whilst it’s beta, not sure what to say 🙂 it might fix itself in subsequent updates.

    I also have these issues.

    I have this issue as well with my BuddyPress install. I tried saving the success message as an error as those seem to show up, but still no dice. It works in a fresh install so it must be theme related but I just can’t pin it down.

    To patch it for now, I just save the success notification in a session variable, print it to the screen, then clear the variable. I will dig up the code.

    Changed event-editor.php line 47 to :

    <?php echo $EM_Notices;
    	$message =  $_SESSION['EM_Success'];
    	echo $message;
    	function remove_status()
    		if($_POST['event_name'] == null)
    				$_SESSION['EM_Success'] = '';

    Changed em-event line 404 to:

    $this->feedback_message = __ ( 'New recurrent event inserted!', 'dbem' );
    					return apply_filters('em_event_save', true, $this);
    					$_SESSION['EM_Success'] = 'New recurrent event inserted!';
    				//Successful individual save
    				$this->feedback_message = __ ( 'New event successfully inserted!', 'dbem' );
    				$_SESSION['EM_Success'] = 'New event successfully inserted!';

    Basically, When event is saved, save notice to $_SESSION[‘EM_Success’], when you load the editor, if $_SESSION[‘EM_Success’] has a value print it out. If the user did not just submit a new event clear $_SESSION[‘EM_Success’]

    Plugin Author Marcus


    thanks for the patch, not ideal but will be looking further into this

    No problem, I know it’s a bit of a dirty fix. My thread on this is here :

    The only error I found in debug mode was :

    Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/mnichols/opspedia/bp1.2upgrade/var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-activity.php:246) in /home/mnichols/opspedia/bp1.2upgrade/var/www/html/wp-content/plugins/events-manager/classes/em-notices.php on line 11

    Checked for blank spaces and all the usual “headers already sent” junk, did not find anything. The strange part is that the notifications work when I am in debug mode.

    The patch is way over my head but I am in a place where because I have affected my theme template files (Weaver-theme) already with the Buddypress template pack, now my front end submission as a guest only works with buddypress installed. Oh brother.

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