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[Resolved] [Plugin: Events Manager] Email Upon New Event Submission

  • I am currently using the latest version of the Events Manager plugin with the latest version of WordPress. Everything is working perfectly, apart from one thing.

    When a user enters a new event, an email is not sent to notify me of the submission. Which means people are registering events and unless I am constantly logged on to the admin panel, it may not get approved for hours.

    However, when I approve the event and publish, a confirmation email is sent to the submitter, so my email settings appear to be correct.

    Anyone else having this problem? Is it a code or setting issue?

    Thanks in advance!


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  • did you put admin emails at Settings > Emails > Event Submission Templates > Administrator Email ?

    Thanks for getting back to me.

    Yeah, I have the admin email entered and confirmed it’s correct but still no luck with the event submission email firing.

    Again though, the approval goes through fine.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    Maybe the latest dev version fixes this? You can upgrade by going to Events > Settings > Admin Tools and clicking ‘check dev versions’

    Thanks but I have the latest version of both WordPress and the Event Manager plugin.

    I’ve a feeling it may be a setting rather than code, otherwise more people would be highlighting the issue.

    However, I’ve been through the settings and nothing is jumping out at me.

    Plugin Author Marcus


    I mean the dev version, i.e. try going to Events > Settings > Admin Tools and click the ‘Check dev verisions’ button, go to the plugins page and it should show a new update.

    Hope you get the feature working in Events Manager, bennykelly. I haven’t yet tried EM’s feature, since I’m already using Peter’s Collaboration Emails which does this (although it had a small bug that one set of settings didn’t work, so you had to write your email manually and choose it – test that it works for you and change settings until it does).

    I’d prefer to use the EM one, and would gladly switch to it, if it supported one feature the Peter’s one doesn’t: notification of new events and locations that are submitted and automatically accepted per user rights. In other words, add an option to choose to have an email sent:

    • [x] when an event is submitted and pending approval, or
    • [x] when an event is submitted and automatically approved.

    I wasn’t able to reproduce the original issue with EM email that bennykelly had – I’m getting the email ok. Bennykelly: Could you double-check you have a working email in Events > Settings > Emails > Event Email Templates > Administrator Email? If yes, is it possible for you to safely try the dev version to see if it fixes the problem (eg. by taking a backup of the site first and restoring it if you encounter problems).

    Plugin Author Marcus


    @daedalon please make feature requests in your own support thread.


Viewing 8 replies - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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