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  • I’m using the Twentyeleven theme and when I display events as posts, links for “next” and “previous” appear at the top of each event page. Unfortunately, these link to the next and previous in the order that events were created, and not in the order when events are due to take place.

    I can get rid of these links by choosing to display events as pages (one of the settings in Event Manager). But I like the functionality of being able to page through events. At the same time, I’d prefer not to reorder events by fiddling with the date created.

    Any idea how to display links to next and previous event?

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  • Plugin Author Marcus


    If you’re using WP archives, the ordering of events by date may be overriden by your theme or another plugin.

    If you choose an events page, you’ll have full pagination with page numbers.

    Not sure what you mean by this response, Marcus. What are the WP archives?

    I’m talking about the way that the wordpress loop outputs posts. It always outputs them by publishing date. So on the front page of a blog you’ll see posts in decending order, starting with the latest one at the top. And when looking at an individual post, you’ll see links to the “next” and “previous” post.

    When I display events as posts, I get those links, but the links point (counter-intuitively) to the next or previous event in the order of event creation. What I’d like to see is the next or previous event in the order of the date when the event is scheduled to occur.



    try this post

    Using EM events as page and template file templates/event-single.php you can insert that snippet.

    Using Template Files

    Plugin Author Marcus


    ah, I may have misunderstood your first question (after a reread).

    I will check this out, as maybe there is something I can do, but otherwise:

    what you’d have to do is create a single-event.php template, similar to your theme’s single.php file, and modify the links manually.

    @angelonwl remember that event-single.php is now only useful in MultiSite mode with Global tables and showing sub-blog events on the main blog.

Viewing 4 replies - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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