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  • Hi there, I posted a while back about customizing the anonymous Events Form [events_form] and was told to wait for version 5. It’s out now (and I’m a huge fan of how the settings page has been changed) so I thought I would just make sure I have everything straight.

    Where exactly is the page I need to alter to change how the [events_form] looks? I assumed it would be in /wp-content/plugins/events-manager/templates somewhere but it’s not totally clear to me which page I should edit.

    If anyone has a tutorial or something on how to do this let me know. It seems like it should be pretty simple once I find it but PHP is not my strong point.


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  • Hi,

    You can edit the template file templates/forms/event-editor.php

    Using Template Files

    Thanks… I’m actually having a little trouble even making the anonymous submission form work!

    I set up a subscribed user Anonymous like the instructions say, with all permissions. When I try to submit an event it returns:

    “Unauthorized Access
    You do not have the rights to manage this Event.”

    not sure what else to do

    actually… the events are submitted successfully. The form just SAYS they weren’t. All the info is fine except for the Location data (as in, all the form data came through fine except for location, city, state, country, etc).

    any ideas?

    Plugin Author Marcus


    NetWebLogic Support

    should be fixed in latest update

    Indeed it is fixed, thanks for all your help!

    Re: altering template files. In the how-to it says:

    “Bear in mind that once you’ve found what you want to modify you should delete the other files. This is because any future updates made to these other areas of the plugin won’t make it to your modified theme anymore.”

    Do you mean delete the original files?

    Also… no changes I make to the file are having an effect. Am I doing something wrong? I made a /plugins/events-manager folder with the templates folder in my THEME folder. It didn’t do anything. I also directly edited the file in the only place I could find it (plugins/events-manager/templates/forms/event-editor.php

    any ideas?

    I have the problem that the form is too large – hiding behind the sidebars on the right side.
    Is it possible in the templates/forms/event-editor.php
    to restrict the width of the page?
    How ?


    the directory in your theme should be like this your theme/plugins/events-manager/forms/event-editor.php


    try wrapping it inside a div e.g. <div>.......</div>

    Thank you so much. I suceeded in adding
    in the event-editor.php

    Isn’t there a possibility the same way with the problem of my large calendar, se below on
    and also the “all bookings” page is too large.

    In which files, if I can add it?


    Full Calendar
    – you can use firefox addon (firebug) to inspect full calendar and use css to make some adjustment


    Spent a lot of time again. Without succes. I simply can’t understand what is going wrong – the large calendar is useless if you can’t step forward to the next Month.
    Is it the theme (Bombax from itx) that is wrong? I tried to inspect here also – and altering different things – without succes.


    to adjust the full-calendar width/height; try this table.em-calendar {width: 400px; height:700px;} add to your theme css

    Thank you. But I tried a lot of ways. When I insert this command, I can influence the small calender but not the big one.
    Any ideas?

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